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Andreu and Tatiana


Yesterday Alba and me were teachers for a day. First Maria chose three students from first year ESO to us. We started to do some short questions for the students about free time,  hobbies, Charlie Chaplin scenes, among other things.

I spent all the time with a girl whose name Tatiana. She comes from Russia and now she lives in Palma with her mother Maria José, her father Antonio and her older brother Carlos who’s in Ramon Llull high school too. She has got brown hair and blue eyes. She always wears glasses and she’s got brackets. She’s a very clever girl because she is eleven years old and she should be in primary education but in fact she’s in the high school. I was so surprised when I heard it! About her hobbies she told me that she loves sport and music. Her favourite sport is baseball and in her free time she spends hours playing the piano. She hasn’t got any pets and her favourite subject is Maths. She told me that when she grows up she would like to be a lawyer.

After the first hour with Tatiana we went to second break and I went to  the library to ask Tatiana about Chaplin’s scenes. I taught her about new words and she explained me a little bit more about “The great dictator” scene she said to me that it was the best one in her opinion. We spent a very fun time!!


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Ariadna and Philline


On Monday we were teachers to 1stESO for two hours. My group are Simona , Geovanny and me , Ariadna. My students are Angel, Sara and Philline. All of they have 12 years old.

First we went to their class and here they asked to us some questions about our hobbies, interests, personality, family, etc. and also we asked some questions to them about the new school, their feelings about this year, hobbies , interests, etc. Then we went to the library at the computers to see a fragment of a Chaplin film and to see the blog of the students of 1ESO that is called “CASTÍGATE”. I found it very interesting and I think that its good to learn and practice more English , and other aspects.

In the computer room I was with Philline, she is a girl that is 12 years old. She was born in Philippines but she has been in Spain since she was 3 years old. I was surprised I found that the father of Philline talks to her in English, so when I talked with her, she almost understood all the things that I said. Her level of English it’s so good but she has difficulties to say some words but I helped her and when she was wrong she corrected and repeated again.

When we were in group ,she was a very bit shy but when she was with me she spoke a lot.

She likes to dance , like me ,I practice funky in the Top Dance ans she practices Hip Hop in the Illes. She wants to study medicine so she likes Science, like me because I like very much science,etc. She has a dog that I think that it’s called Sticks , but I’m not very sure. The scene of Chaplin that she likes is the scene of Modern Times , I think that is very funny and Philline thinks the same. I think that Philline is a nice person and friendly, and I think that she likes this activity.

I find that this activity is very interesting and it’s good for us to practice and learn English ,and for them because I think that with this activity they learn a lot. I would like to repeat this activity because I liked it a lot and I think we did the best that we could.

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Teachers: Alba and Andreu. Students: Jilin, Tatiana and Judit

Yesterday, during our English and Spanish lessons, we were “teachers for one day”. We were with Jilin, Judit and Tatiana, three students from 1st year of ESO, talking about our lives and Chaplin. At the first hour I talked most of the time with Jilin and Judit, and Andreu was with Tatiana. We learnt things about their lives and personality. Then, at the computer room, I was with Jilin and Andreu was with the two girls. I explained to the boy a Chaplin’s video, the one that I liked: The kid. It was his favorite one too. I think he learnt a lot of vocabulary.  We answered questions they made to us and we asked them too. They are very friendly and they have good English’s level. I should say that Jilin is the one that talks better.

Jilin is 12 years old and he’s from Majorca. His parents are from China and their names are Jian Hai, the father, and Wan Zhen, the mother. He has no brothers and sisters and he hasn’t a girlfriend either. His birthday is on June, the 22nd. He doesn’t like sports, but in his free time he loves being with friends, listening to music and playing computer games. He has no favorite meal, he loves everything excepting mushrooms. His favorite subject is History and he’s very good at it.

Judit is 12 years old and she was born in Palma. Her parents are called Lluís and Marga and they’re from Palma too. She has an eight-years-old brother called Lluís and a sixteen-years-old sister called Marina. She loves playing volleyball and listening to music. Her favorite meal is Paella and her favorite subject is History, as Jilin. Her birthday is the 1st of June. In a few years, she would like to be a lawyer.

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Nadir and Pep Coca. Comments from 4ESOB teachers for a day

Nadir Jiménez

Tuesday 29th September

My experience with Pep Coca

Yesterday, we were teachers for one day. My group was formed by Maria, Jonathan and me. We divided our group and worked individually with three students; Maria was with Hau Chen, Jonatahn with Miguel and I was with Pep Coca. I loved to be teacher just one day. It is an amazing experience and Pep is a very sweet boy and a very hard working student. I liked him a lot too because everytime he payed attention when I was explaining something about myself . He’s from Madrid Football Club, he likes basket and water polo too. His favourite football player is Cristiano Ronaldo, he doesn’t like Messi. He loves terror films like me, such as REC and Reflejos and about Chaplin, his favourite fragment was the Kid. I was surprised to find out that he was such a clever boy. I liked to be his teacher just for one day.

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Las fiestas tradicionales (debate)

Algunas de las aportaciones al debate sobre las fiestas tradicionales: ¿te parece bien que se relacionen con santos o fiestas de la Iglesia?

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Los días de la semana

Dies Lunae Dies Martis Dies Mercurii Dies Jovis Dies Venus Dies Saturni Dies Domincum
Lunes Martes Miércoles Jueves Viernes Sábado Domingo
Dilluns Dimarts Dimecres Dijous Divendres Dissabte Diumenge
Lundi Mardi Mercredi Jeudi Vendredi Samedi Dimanche
Lunedi Martedi Mercoledi Giovedi Venerdi Sabato Domenica
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Montag Dienstag Mittwoch Donnerstag Freitag Samstag Sonntag

1.¿A qué idioma corresponde cada fila?
2.La palabra sábado no proviene del latín. ¿Cuál es su origen?
3.¿Qué días en inglés y alemán provienen de los mismos planetas que en castellano?
4.¿Qué días y en qué idiomas se corresponden con los dioses Tyr, Odin, Thor y Frigg (o Freya)?
5.¿Qué significa mittwoch?

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Xavi Torres, tot un exemple.

“Tothom té capacitats i discapacitats”. “El treball en equip ens ajudarà a tenir èxit”. Són dues de les moltes idees que va exposar Xavi Torres a la conferència que dilluns passat va oferir al nostre institut.
No té cames i camina, no té braços i ens abraça amb la força màgica de la seva categoria humana, no té extremitats i neda com un peix. Sembla que es tracta d’una endevinalla popular, però no ho és. La resposta és en Xavi Torres, campió paralímpic de natació. L’esportista mallorquí més destacat de tots els temps, com el definí el nostre director. Però encara que no fos campió, ni tan sols esportista, podríem aprendre moltes coses d’ell. El seu esforç, la valentia, la generositat. Valors humans que ens han de fer recapacitar. Molts sortírem emocionats de l’aula magna després d’haver-lo escoltat.
Reflexiona. Jo també tenc capacitats i discapacitats. He d’usar les capacitats i superar les discapacitats. Les coses m’aniran millor en col•laboració amb els meus companys, amics i familiars. Xavi ens va ensenyar a tots a no ser egoistes. No és la medalla allò que importa. Au, ninet/a, aprèn de qui et pot ensenyar.
Jocs ParalímpicsXavier_Torres

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Good job!


This is a short message to tell you that your 4th year ESO teachers  are very pleased with you. They think you are great students and they all would like to be your “teachers for a day” again.  Let’s see if we can repeat the  experience  next term.


Today you handed in:

  • Your buddy teacher’s description
  • Your individual assessment of the activity

Remember that for Friday you must write the summary of the film fragment your buddy teachers taught you.

Sonsoles and María

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El catalán es el octavo idioma del mundo con mayor actividad en los blogs

El director de Linguamón-Casa de las Lenguas, Antoni Mir, en la inauguración del I Simposio Internacional sobre Multilingüismo y Ciberespacio que se celebra en Barcelona los días 29 y 30 de septiembre, ha afirmado hoy que Internet “no volverá a ser nunca más” un territorio exclusivo del inglés porque la red “abre puertas increíbles al multilingüismo”
Según sus datos, el catalán es el octavo idioma del mundo con mayor actividad en los blogs y el decimoquinto en Wikipedia, lo que muestra una presencia en Internet superior al peso demográfico (10 millones de hablantes)

Según estadísticas de Internet World Stats publicadas el año pasado, estos eran los 10 idiomas más usados en Internet:

1. ¿Qué es el multilingüsimo?
2. ¿Crees que el mundo es cada vez más plurilingüe?
3. España es uno de los países europeos que menos habla inglés. ¿Qué opinas?

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Avui, dilluns dia 28 de setembre de 2009, tenim una ciutat humida. Ha plogut gairebé tot el dia. Aigua i més aigua. A mi m’encanta escoltar la melodia de la pluja caure damunt la teulada. I a vosaltres? Clip, clip, clip … Xof, xof, xof … El xiuxiueig de les clavegueres no estaria relacionat amb temes de misteri o por, com ens passà la setmana passada en fer una redacció sobre aquest tema, sinó que avui ens faria pensar en el renou de l’aigua que s’escola per les canonades del subsòl de la ciutat.
Imagina per un moment que Mallorca tengués un clima on passàssim tres mesos seguits de pluges intenses com les d’avui, sense veure el Sol. Escriu una redacció a partir d’aquest títol:
“Tres mesos com avui”.
En el teu escrit, per una part has de donar sensació d’humitat, però també de monotonia.pluja

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