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Ariadna and Philline


On Monday we were teachers to 1stESO for two hours. My group are Simona , Geovanny and me , Ariadna. My students are Angel, Sara and Philline. All of they have 12 years old.

First we went to their class and here they asked to us some questions about our hobbies, interests, personality, family, etc. and also we asked some questions to them about the new school, their feelings about this year, hobbies , interests, etc. Then we went to the library at the computers to see a fragment of a Chaplin film and to see the blog of the students of 1ESO that is called “CASTÍGATE”. I found it very interesting and I think that its good to learn and practice more English , and other aspects.

In the computer room I was with Philline, she is a girl that is 12 years old. She was born in Philippines but she has been in Spain since she was 3 years old. I was surprised I found that the father of Philline talks to her in English, so when I talked with her, she almost understood all the things that I said. Her level of English it’s so good but she has difficulties to say some words but I helped her and when she was wrong she corrected and repeated again.

When we were in group ,she was a very bit shy but when she was with me she spoke a lot.

She likes to dance , like me ,I practice funky in the Top Dance ans she practices Hip Hop in the Illes. She wants to study medicine so she likes Science, like me because I like very much science,etc. She has a dog that I think that it’s called Sticks , but I’m not very sure. The scene of Chaplin that she likes is the scene of Modern Times , I think that is very funny and Philline thinks the same. I think that Philline is a nice person and friendly, and I think that she likes this activity.

I find that this activity is very interesting and it’s good for us to practice and learn English ,and for them because I think that with this activity they learn a lot. I would like to repeat this activity because I liked it a lot and I think we did the best that we could.

30 Setembre 2009 - Posted by | treballs

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  1. alicia is good teacher

    Comentari per xisco | 8 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  2. She was a good teacher, and i would like to repeat this activity again.

    Comentari per Philline | 3 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  3. Ariadna was my teacher, she’s a veri good teacher.

    Comentari per sara bouza | 2 Octubre 2009 | Respon

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