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Word of the day: run….run…. run…. what are Jilin, Tatiana, Sara, Marta, Lukas, Rodrigo, Andrea and Judith going to do?

run a Marathon?running-marathon

or run  for class representative?


words are tricky and fun

If you look up a dictionary , such as

you will find more than 97 meanings

for the verb to run.

I chose 3 for you:

run  /rʌn/

1. to go quickly by moving the legs more rapidly than at a walk
9. to be or campaign as a candidate for election.
29. to operate or function: How does your new watch run? Cars run on gasoline.

Now it is your turn:Look for  one more meaning  of the verb

” to run”. Let’s see what you find.


1 Octubre 2009 - Posted by | exercicis, lenguas, vocabulari

12 comentaris »

  1. Run:He run his hands through his hair

    Comentari per Pilar | 5 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  2. Run:to have recourse for aid, support, comfort, etc.: He shouldn’t run to his parents with every little problem.

    Comentari per jilin | 4 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  3. Run: to migrate upstream or inshore from deep water to spawn

    Comentari per miguel | 4 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  4. run: they are a series of playing cards with consecutive values (values are in spanish valores)

    Comentari per tatiana | 3 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  5. Run:its verygood exercisefor yourbody

    Comentari per carlos | 3 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  6. Run: to empty or transfer contents

    Comentari per Philline | 3 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  7. Hello Maria que cuando me sale el iccionario que se tiene que hacer porque tengo algunos probemas

    Comentari per andrea | 3 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

    • You must write the word you are looking for in a white box at the top of the page. Then, click enter and then, the word will appear. Under the word, you will see a list of all the different meanings. Don’t worry! I’ll help you on Monday

      Comentari per Mloredo | 3 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  8. to run from danger: to depart quickly; take to flight; flee or escape

    Comentari per peptoni | 2 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  9. Run buy:when many people suddenly buy a particular product

    Comentari per Judit Echevarría | 2 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  10. Run: To flow, as a liquid.

    Comentari per sara bouza | 2 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

    • Well done, Sara.
      You are the first one to post your dictionary work. Next time try to use the word in a sentence. What about this one: “In order to save water don’t let the water run. Close the tap while you wash your hands.”

      Comentari per Mloredo | 2 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

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