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Philline on Ariadna and on Modern Times

– Philline Vicente –

Ariadna is 15 years old, she was born in July 4 of 1994, she studies in Ramon Llull 4 ESO and she lives in Palma.

She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters,  she hasn’t got Any boyfriend,and any pets
and she likes all Shops.
Her favourite subject is: Biology
Her hobbies are: Dancing and  skating.
She is blond, not very tall and she has love handles
She is a good person and so funny
I like to repeat this activity again!!!!!!!!!

Chaplin is the responsible for the nuts in the factory.When his finishes his turn he cannot stop and he looks crazy
When he sees a woman with buttons in the dress he pursues her but he stops when he saw a (boca de agua?) and suddenly he saw another woman with a button dress  and he starts to pursue her. The woman starts to run and she talks with a policeman and tells him that  a strange man  pursues her.

When the police saw Chaplin he starts tu pursue Chaplin and Chaplin he stars to run!
In the End of the video the doctor said to chaplin: ”Take it easy and avoid excitement”

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Pep Toni and Guillem on Sonia and Alicia. Film Summary and assessment

Description of teachers

The names of the teachers we have had are Sonia Mena and alicia Muscat.

Sonia: Sonia is 14, she has an older sister, she went to C.P Santa Catalina she doesn’t like doing sports, her birthday is the 5th of November, she hasn’t got any pets or any boyfriend, she’s from Spain and lives in Palma with her parents and her sister, her favourite things are: favourite subject is: art, favourite shop is: dess, favourite food is pasta. Sonia best friends are: Alba, Clara, Alicia, Ana…

Alicia: Alicia is 15, she went to C.P Son Espanyolet she doesn’t like, or pets, she’s from Spain she lives with her mother and the boyfriend. Her favourite things are: favourite subject is: maths, favourite shop is Bershka, favourite food pasta. Alicia’s friends are: Ana, Laura, Monic, Mª Jose, Sonia…

Film summary

It’s very funny film “the circus”.

Chaplin had many difficult with animals the donkey, lion, tiger and dog because they were very dangerous animals.

Chaplin enter in the cage,He try open inside the cage but he can’t.

Help! Help! try to exit by the small door, but, he find a tiger!!

The woman founds Chaplin. The lion wakes up and Chaplin does not move because the lion was very near.

Joint activity for different level


I enjoyed the activity



I learnt a lot



I liked my new teachers



I communicated in English most of the time



They spoke good English



They know much more English than me



I learnt new things  and vocabulary to talk about Chaplin’s films



I learnt new things about my teachers’ biography



I found out interesting facts about their  lives



It was the first time I met them



I would like to talk to them again



I would like to do more joint activities


five (5)= I totally agree

One (1) =I totally disagree

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28 September/2 October English weekly summary (3)


What did we do this week?

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary.

Speaking. A survey on the best qualities of a class representativequote

  • Candidates introduced themselves.
  • Candidates presented their project and mentioned their weak and strong points.
  • Groups discussed best qualities in a candidate.

Week project: Election time

  • Organised the election of class representative
  • Discussed the profile of a good candidate
  • Learnt how to do a ranking exercise and report results to the class

Writing: rules for keeping notebook and note takingwriting-1

  • Wrote instructions to take notes and to organise materials.
  • Revised notebooks and rules on how to hand in  exercises.
  • Teachers gave back the writing on 4th year ESO students and the assessment of the activity.
  • Teachers gave back the narrative of Chaplin’s fragment.

Phonetics and pronunciation: /i:/ and / ɪ/

  • Learnt and practised  the pronunciation of some English sounds: sheet /ʃi:t/ and shit1 /ʃɪt/Pronun1
  • Learnt the dinstinction between long and short vowels.
  • Learnt how to represent sounds.

Vocabulary:Personality traits of a good candidatevocabulary

  • Learnt vocabulary connected with personality: reliable, helpful, friendly, understanding, funny, hard- working, tidy, punctual, clever, good at communicating.
  • Learnt vocabulary connected with note taking and classroom materials. folder, binder, dividers,spiral notebooks, punched hole sheets.

Homework for Monday

  • Read the 4ht year ESO compositions on the blog.
  • Read the dictonary post and look for a new meaning of the verb “to run”.
  • Listen to the pronunciation of a word in
  • Copy the description of your 4ht Year ESO teacher and send an email to Maria. Make sure you understand your teacher’s marks and corrections.
  • Those who did not write the narrative of Chaplin’s  film fragment MUST do it for Monday.

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September 21/25 English weekly summary (2)


What did we do this week?

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary.


  • Learnt the names of the different punctuation marks and some differences with Catalan and Spanish.

Computer literacyimages (3)

  • Went to the computer room and activated our new password.
  • Learnt how to use the folder every student has in the server of the Ramon Lllul.

Week project

  • In groups we prepared questions to interview students from 4th Year ESO who were teachers for a day.


  • Spent two hours with 4th year ESO students talking about our hobbies and familiesquote
  • Talked about our former school and our experience at the Ramon Llull.
  • Explained and showed to them our blog and the things we do during language lessons.
  • Used English to interact with students from a different group.

Writing: a description of a person

  • Took notes of our teachers’ hobbies and personal information
  • Wrote a short paragraph about our teachers for a day
  • Learnt to transform notes into a short composition.
  • Assessed the activity

Vocabulary: Learnt different parts of a bicycle

  • Prefixes bi/tri
  • Learnt to use body language, mime and facial expressions to make ourselves understood.
  • Used mime to describe different parts of an object.
  • Mimed fragments of Chaplin’s films and guessed them.

Phonetics and pronunciation:/ /aɪ/Pronun1

  • Learnt that certain prefixes (bi,tr) are the same but pronounced differently in different languages.

Classroom language

  • Used English to communicate during lessons and learnt some new useful classroom language (switch on/off computer, open session, password, username, call register, assignments)

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September 14/18 English weekly summary (1)

What did we do this week?0511-0908-2515-5718_Teens_Streaming_Out_of_Their_Classroom_clipart_image

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary

Speaking. Getting to know each other

  • Introduced yourself: name, age, brothers and sisters, hobbies, former school.
  • Asked personal information to your classmates and answer their questions.
  • Used English to communicate during lessons and learnt some new useful classroom language (aisle, locker, diary, planner, folder, chalk),

Week project:outing to La Caixa Chaplin Exhibition

  • Read the dossier and the activies
  • Organised the outing to La Caixa: group work and tasks to prepare the visit.
  • Discussed the rules for outings.
  • Learnt about Chaplin: biography, films, his most famous character “The tramp”

Writing: an acrostic

  • Described Chaplin. Used poetry (Acrostics) to describe persons. Described ourselves with an acrostic of our name

Phonetics and pronunciation:

  • Learnt and practiced the pronunciation of some English sounds: /ʌ/and /ə/
  • Learnt how to represent sounds: phonemic transcription

Vocabulary: 6 short fragments from Chaplin’s films

  • Learnt vocabulary connected with films and words we found during the outing
  • On the 17th we spent 3 hours outside school with Emili and Bernat. Emili took photos and we learnt a lot about buildings with Bernat.
  • Organised the notes we took in the dossier.

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¿Cómo te llamas?

Ya os habéis presentado (casi) todos, explicando cómo os llamáis, dónde nacisteis, qué os gusta hacer y con quién vivís.
También hemos repasado algo de la historia de España y Mallorca: una larga época musulmana, y después una católica. Pero antes de ambas, ¿cuál era la cultura dominante? (si recordáis el origen de los días de la semana tendréis la pista)
La cultura católica, y la cristiana en general, a su vez tiene algunos aspectos que derivan de la judía. Recuerda que Jesús era judío. ¿Qué día de la semana en castellano tiene que ver con los judíos?

A nuestros nombres les pasa algo parecido: derivan de alguna de estas culturas. ¿Conoces la expresión nombre de pila?
Con una diferencia: desde hace poco existen nombres nuevos, inspirados en la moda actual o simplemente en la imaginación de los padres.
Por cierto, ¿sabes si una persona puede cambiarse el nombre con el que la registaron? ¿Y los apellidos?

Trabajo escrito para el martes sobre tu propio nombre:

1. Etimología: ¿de dónde procede? (busca en Internet si hace falta)
2. ¿Quién y por qué lo escogió?
3. ¿Te gusta?

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Castellano: resumen de la semana (2)


  • La palabra i (peligro de muerte)

Redacción y debate

  • Fiestas populares: ¿te parece bien mezclar santos y juerga?

Funcionamiento de la biblioteca

  • Normas de funcionamiento y clasificación
  • Préstamo de libros
  • Acceso a Internet
  • Diferencias entre nuestra biblioteca y la biblioteca vecina

Vocabulario informático

  • Hardware, software
  • Sistemas operativos: ¿cuáles son los 3 más populares?
  • Programas abiertos y cerrados

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Ja ha passat una altra setmana. Hem començat el mes d’octubre. Havíem preparat el debat sobre el carril bici i vàrem tractar el tema de forma interessant i ordenada, primer individualment i després en grup. Hem tret unes conclusions, i hi ha hagut opinions diverses. Tots ens sentim ecologistes, hem descobert raons per anar en bicicleta i deixar el cotxe, però en alguns detalls no estam completament d’acord. Cadascú respecta l’opinió dels altres.
Hem estudiat els diferents tipus de diccionaris i, a partir d’un esquema, hem d’escriure l’explicació del tema. El divendres vàrem llegir la pàgina 9 del llibre de lectura. Dedicar tota una hora a una sola pàgina significa llegir-la amb molta atenció, frase a frase, intentant recapacitar i entendre perfectamente tot allò que l’autor vol dir i fins i tot les coses que nosaltres hi podem descobrir o imaginar. La lectura ens serveix també per aprendre a escriure, i, a més, ens ensenya a viure. Analitzam els defectes del protagonista, i reflexionam a partir del seu penediment. Les coses es fan bé i en el moment adequat. Això ho hem après a la pàgina 9. Però hi hem après més coses. Ens ha intrigat, per exemple, que parli d’un caramel que no va arribar a tenir mai. L’autor crea expectació, i nosaltres estam interessats per averiguar per què Millie Adams no va tornar a classe.
Però encara hi ha una altra cosa que ens té més intrigats: és el xiuxiueig de la claveguera. D’ençà que sentim aquest suau renou, no ens deixa de sorprendre. Després d’haver-ne escrit una redacció perhom, dimecres passat, misteriosament, va aparèixer a un diari local. A l’hora de català podem escoltar un xiuxiueig que no sabem d’on ve. L’encarregat de manteniment del l’institut va venir a la nostra aula cercant una claveguera. Dilluns passat, dia de pluges, totes les clavegueres de Palma xiuxiuejaven a les totes. Què passa? Començam a pensar que les històries fantàstiques que varen escriure alguns dels nostres companys són autèntiques. Som valents i no tenim por, però … què deu ser aquest renouet que surt del meu ordenador en aquest precís moment? Sembla un xiuxiueig.

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