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28 September/2 October English weekly summary (3)


What did we do this week?

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary.

Speaking. A survey on the best qualities of a class representativequote

  • Candidates introduced themselves.
  • Candidates presented their project and mentioned their weak and strong points.
  • Groups discussed best qualities in a candidate.

Week project: Election time

  • Organised the election of class representative
  • Discussed the profile of a good candidate
  • Learnt how to do a ranking exercise and report results to the class

Writing: rules for keeping notebook and note takingwriting-1

  • Wrote instructions to take notes and to organise materials.
  • Revised notebooks and rules on how to hand in  exercises.
  • Teachers gave back the writing on 4th year ESO students and the assessment of the activity.
  • Teachers gave back the narrative of Chaplin’s fragment.

Phonetics and pronunciation: /i:/ and / ɪ/

  • Learnt and practised  the pronunciation of some English sounds: sheet /ʃi:t/ and shit1 /ʃɪt/Pronun1
  • Learnt the dinstinction between long and short vowels.
  • Learnt how to represent sounds.

Vocabulary:Personality traits of a good candidatevocabulary

  • Learnt vocabulary connected with personality: reliable, helpful, friendly, understanding, funny, hard- working, tidy, punctual, clever, good at communicating.
  • Learnt vocabulary connected with note taking and classroom materials. folder, binder, dividers,spiral notebooks, punched hole sheets.

Homework for Monday

  • Read the 4ht year ESO compositions on the blog.
  • Read the dictonary post and look for a new meaning of the verb “to run”.
  • Listen to the pronunciation of a word in
  • Copy the description of your 4ht Year ESO teacher and send an email to Maria. Make sure you understand your teacher’s marks and corrections.
  • Those who did not write the narrative of Chaplin’s  film fragment MUST do it for Monday.

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