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Philline on Ariadna and on Modern Times

– Philline Vicente –

Ariadna is 15 years old, she was born in July 4 of 1994, she studies in Ramon Llull 4 ESO and she lives in Palma.

She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters,  she hasn’t got Any boyfriend,and any pets
and she likes all Shops.
Her favourite subject is: Biology
Her hobbies are: Dancing and  skating.
She is blond, not very tall and she has love handles
She is a good person and so funny
I like to repeat this activity again!!!!!!!!!

Chaplin is the responsible for the nuts in the factory.When his finishes his turn he cannot stop and he looks crazy
When he sees a woman with buttons in the dress he pursues her but he stops when he saw a (boca de agua?) and suddenly he saw another woman with a button dress  and he starts to pursue her. The woman starts to run and she talks with a policeman and tells him that  a strange man  pursues her.

When the police saw Chaplin he starts tu pursue Chaplin and Chaplin he stars to run!
In the End of the video the doctor said to chaplin: ”Take it easy and avoid excitement”


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