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September 14/18 English weekly summary (1)

What did we do this week?0511-0908-2515-5718_Teens_Streaming_Out_of_Their_Classroom_clipart_image

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary

Speaking. Getting to know each other

  • Introduced yourself: name, age, brothers and sisters, hobbies, former school.
  • Asked personal information to your classmates and answer their questions.
  • Used English to communicate during lessons and learnt some new useful classroom language (aisle, locker, diary, planner, folder, chalk),

Week project:outing to La Caixa Chaplin Exhibition

  • Read the dossier and the activies
  • Organised the outing to La Caixa: group work and tasks to prepare the visit.
  • Discussed the rules for outings.
  • Learnt about Chaplin: biography, films, his most famous character “The tramp”

Writing: an acrostic

  • Described Chaplin. Used poetry (Acrostics) to describe persons. Described ourselves with an acrostic of our name

Phonetics and pronunciation:

  • Learnt and practiced the pronunciation of some English sounds: /ʌ/and /ə/
  • Learnt how to represent sounds: phonemic transcription

Vocabulary: 6 short fragments from Chaplin’s films

  • Learnt vocabulary connected with films and words we found during the outing
  • On the 17th we spent 3 hours outside school with Emili and Bernat. Emili took photos and we learnt a lot about buildings with Bernat.
  • Organised the notes we took in the dossier.

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