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September 21/25 English weekly summary (2)


What did we do this week?

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary.


  • Learnt the names of the different punctuation marks and some differences with Catalan and Spanish.

Computer literacyimages (3)

  • Went to the computer room and activated our new password.
  • Learnt how to use the folder every student has in the server of the Ramon Lllul.

Week project

  • In groups we prepared questions to interview students from 4th Year ESO who were teachers for a day.


  • Spent two hours with 4th year ESO students talking about our hobbies and familiesquote
  • Talked about our former school and our experience at the Ramon Llull.
  • Explained and showed to them our blog and the things we do during language lessons.
  • Used English to interact with students from a different group.

Writing: a description of a person

  • Took notes of our teachers’ hobbies and personal information
  • Wrote a short paragraph about our teachers for a day
  • Learnt to transform notes into a short composition.
  • Assessed the activity

Vocabulary: Learnt different parts of a bicycle

  • Prefixes bi/tri
  • Learnt to use body language, mime and facial expressions to make ourselves understood.
  • Used mime to describe different parts of an object.
  • Mimed fragments of Chaplin’s films and guessed them.

Phonetics and pronunciation:/ /aɪ/Pronun1

  • Learnt that certain prefixes (bi,tr) are the same but pronounced differently in different languages.

Classroom language

  • Used English to communicate during lessons and learnt some new useful classroom language (switch on/off computer, open session, password, username, call register, assignments)

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