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Jilin on Alba and on the Lion’s cage

My teacher name’s Alba Mayans.She is fifteen years old.She was born in Palma.Her birthday is the 8th of November .She has an older sister and a dog.She likes sports and her favourite sport is basketball.Her favourite subject is English.I would like to do more joint activities.


Chaplin entered in a cage.When he turned his head ,saw a lion who was sleeping and was very scared and wanted to escape but the door of the cage was closed.He asked help to a woman who went next to the cage.She was fainted when saw him .Chaplin poured water to wake him up.The woman woke up and the lion also.The lion did not gave much importance and went to sleep again.The woman opened the door of the cage and Chaplin went out quickly.


4 Octubre 2009 - Posted by | treballs

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  1. I like this information of the circus and the Jilin teacher’s

    Comentari per miguel | 9 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

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