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Sara on Simona and on the Circus



She was born in Bulgaria on 21st of February in 1994. She is 15 years old and hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. Her favourite subject is English and her favourite shop is Bershka. She has got a boyfriend. Her messenger is XXXXXXXXXXXX.


Chaplin was in the cage with a lion. He was scared.A woman appeared  and fainted. The lion got up but returned to sleep. Finally the woman got up and opened the door.


  1. I enjoyed the activity 5
  2. I learnt a lot 5
  3. I liked my new teachers 5
  4. I communicated in English most of the time 5
  5. They spoke good English 5
  6. They know much more English than me 5
  7. I learnt new things  and vocabulary to talk about Chaplin’s films 5
  8. I learnt new things about my teachers’ biography 5
  9. I found out interesting facts about their  lives 5
  10. I t was the first time I met them 5
  11. I would like to talk to them again 5
  12. I would like to do more joint activities 5

five (5)= I totally agree

One (1) =I totally disagree


4 Octubre 2009 - Posted by | treballs

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  1. I like very much.The teachers was very funny

    Comentari per pepe | 7 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

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