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Saying: last week it rained cats and dogs

Bernat is worried about the whispering ………………shshshshs……sound that comes from his

images (3)

and from the the drain is just for rainof the city.

I’m also intrigued.  Last week was a wet one.

In Palma it does not usually rain so much.

In English, when it rains very heavily they say:

It’s raining cats and dogs!”


Can you think of any other sayings in Catalan and Spanish meaning  heavy rain?


4 Octubre 2009 - Posted by | lenguas, vocabulari

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  1. funn

    Comentari per Angel Blanch | 15 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  2. Llueve a mares es lo mismo que llueve a cantaros pero diciendolo de otra manera

    Comentari per tatiana | 4 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  3. Esta lloviendo a cántaros.

    Comentari per sara bouza | 4 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

    • That’s right ,Sara.
      In English we have the same expression:
      Its raining buckets!

      Comentari per Mloredo | 4 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

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