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Some acrostics misteriously disappeared from the announcement board……. where did they go?

Names hide unexpected things. You are investigating  names in Spanish lessons.  In English lessons, from  our acrostics

we  Alcaldelearn  interesting things about our classmates.

Who is a lucky kid?

Who is good at cooking?

Who likes laptops?

Who rocks radically in a gallaxy?

Who is an energetic locomotive?lukas

Who plays drums at night?Philine

PilarJose Luis

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tap, tap, tapping in the rain, Clip, clip, clip……Xof,xof, xof

Robert Graves was an English poet who lived and died here in Majorca. He is buried in a beautiful

place. Do you know where?2076-14p

In these verses  from a poem called “legs”, he uses onomatopeia to make us think of a rainy day.

Read the poem aloud. Now you know what a gurgling sound is, don’t you?

And the gutters gurgled

With the rain’s overflow

And the sticks on the pavement

Blindly tapped and tapped

Robert Graves

Tap, tap, tap,

What’s tap dance?EB5042-002

In Gene Kelly’s famous tap dance in the rain, he stands with his big black umbrella under a gurgling gutter overflowing rain.

    Watch the video and try to find the part where  there is  a gutter pouring water on top of Gene Kelly’s hat.

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