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Is Molly’s city, Portland, a bike-friendly American city?

Today Molly will be with us. Let’s ask her about her city. Xisco has already visited Portland,  thanks

to satellite technology satellitetechnologyand Google maps

Xisco also printed Portland  satellite view for us and it looked  green, didn’t it?

Let’s ask Molly

Does she have a bike?

Watch these videos and try to answer the questions.

What’s a commuter?

Some information about Molly’s city

How many people live in Portland Metropolitan area?

Why can you say that Portland is a green city?

Can you situate Portland in a map of the United States?

Does it look very different from Palma? Why?

Click on satellite technology and look for the most important uses of this technology.

Post your answers to the blog and copy them in your notebook.

Have a nice weekend!!!!!

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