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5th /9th October English weekly summary (4)


What did we do this week?

Write a tick next to the things you did.

Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary.

Speaking. quote

and Listeningassist_listening

  • We talked to Molly, our new assistant teacher who will be with us every Friday.
  • On Monday, we asked her some questions: personal information, likes, family.
  • On Friday, she was with us the whole lesson. She talked about her city, Portland, about her family, and about her hobbies and we also asked her lots of  questions.
  • Candidates for class representative introduced themselves to Molly

Week project: Election time (2)

  • We voted our representatives
  • We learnt new words such as quorum
  • We learnt how to organise an election and to record results


  • We did two  dictations about the things we talked in class, summarising part of the contents of the lesson.
  • We corrected the dictations in the blackboard.
  • We took notes on Molly’s talk about herself and her city.

Phonetics and pronunciation:

  • This week we did a lot of pronunciation practice with tongue twisters
  • We learnt to pronounce some difficult minimal pairs in English:
  • We became ” walking tongue twisters ” and moved around the classroom telling by heart the tongue twister we had chosen to our classmates.
  • Learnt and practised  the pronunciation of some English sounds: /ʃ/ //

Vocabulary: election time and new assistant teacher.vocabulary

  • Learnt vocabulary connected with elections: quorum, voting, results, counting, slips of paper, secretary, majority, nominal,
  • Learnt vocabulary connected with cities: compass North,South, East, West; park, cycle lanes, pines, parks.

Homework for Tuesday :


  • Write everyday in your notebook the summary of the day.
  • Copy in your notebook the summary of the week, the one your teacher uploads  to the blog.
  • You can copy the summary from the blog and paste it into a new document, print it and keep it in your notebook, but you must understand the contents, check you know and learnt the things we did in class and memorise the new vocabulary .
  • Check that you did the  homework from the previous week and that, during the weekend, you do the homework for Monday.
  • Write a paragraph, about 75 words,  about Molly. Include the following information: Age, looks, job, family,pets, hobbies, nationality.Why is she here? Where does her family live?
  • Use the to check the pronunciation of the  words you are not sure about.

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