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“puenting”= bungee jumping / “footing”= jogging

I love learning new words and Bernat is very good at making new ones! “Xiuxiguera”


I like this “xiuxiguera” and I will sponsor it as one of my 1eso E favourite words.

Emili uploaded a fragment of El Quijote in Spanglish some weeks ago, have you read it?

Well, in Spanish there are some words that look like English but, in fact, they are not.

One of them is “puenting”. In English we say bungee jumping.

Watch a video of a bungee jump, off a bridge, 216 meters above a river in South Africa.

Bungee Jumping is considered an extreme sport.

  • Do you think it is a sport?
  • Would you like to try?

There are other words that look English but as “puenting” are Spanglish

We learnt lots of meanings of the verb to run, but we also can use other words that mean  to run .

  • Do you like jogging?

it is good for your health and it is not an extreme sport.

In Spanish we say footing” In English jogging

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  1. IT’S VERY DANGERUS.I old person [me tirare] in puentinc

    Comentari per pepe | 20 Octubre 2009 | Respon

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