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Note taking strategies


Have a look at Xilin’s notebook. What does he do when he takes notes during lessons:

1. Use clear handwriting

2. Write the date 

3. Include Headings

4. Include some drawings and images

Why is it helpful to do these things? Post your comments


16 Octubre 2009 - Posted by | normes i acords

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  1. Very good Jilin.

    Comentari per Andrea | 20 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  2. Very good Jilin one aplausse:pam stop Jilin have a very clean notebook.

    Comentari per xisco | 16 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  3. jilin is very clever and organized.

    Comentari per carlos | 16 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  4. I think Jilin’s notebook is helpful , because he can to study better and is very organized. I’m prefer study with a clean notebook that dirty one.

    Comentari per aina | 16 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  5. is very good notebook is very neat

    Comentari per peptoni | 16 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  6. jilin exelent!!!!

    Comentari per Angel Blanch | 16 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

  7. The notebook of Jilin is very beautiful.

    Comentari per Llorenç | 16 Octubre 2009 | Resposta

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