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Hola,soy Laura

Este fin de semana he estado entrenando mucho, porque el jueves viajo a Vigo con el equipo de regatas.Tengo exámenes el viernes, de Francés y Música, desde aqui le pido por favor a la profesora Paquita, que es de las dos asignaturas, si me puede tomar los exámen el miércoles 28.El de naturales no lo pude hacer porque había viajado, y como la profesora ahora esta de baja, espe ro pronto se recupere, tengo suspendida la asignatura.




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Hola, soy Philline

Hola, soy Philline tengo 12 años. Nací en Filipinas, vivo con mis padres y mi perro.

Vengo del C.P Gènova, la asignatura que más me gustaba y me gusta es mates y la que menos medi porque se tiene que estudiar mucho y mis hobbies son eschuchar música, leer, estar con el portátil y estar con l@s amig@s y por la tarde no tengo ninguna actividad.

Casi toda la clase en fin de curso.

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Hola soy Lovepreet Kaur

Hola soy   Lovepreet Kaur y tengo 12 años. Soy de la India. En la India tengo a amis abuelos, mis tíos están es Nueva York y mi tía en Portugal.

Yo estudiaba al C.P.Santa Catalina. 

Lo que mas me   es la lengua castellana, catalana,inglés, matematicas, sociales y musica.

Y en especial no tengo ningun hobbie.

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qustion marks and Black Eyed Peas

Rodrigo sent us this video full of qustions, so I’m not going to ask you any more.

but I wonder what has happened to all the people who have not done their tasks  yet?

?traffic lights1

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Hola, soy Judit

Hola, me llamo Judit, tengo 12 años. Nací en Mallorca, vivo con mi padre y mis dos hermanos algunos dias y algunos dias con mi madre y mis dos hermanos. Vengo del Eugenio Lopéz, las asignaturas que más me gustan son un poco todas en general. Mis hobbies son jugar al volley y tocar la bateria. En mi tiempo libre me gusta leer y entrenar.

El día de fin de curso

El día de fin de curso

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Street Signs running away

Banky’s paintings coming alive?
Street signs fighting at night?
Street signs falling in love and running away?
What do you think of this video? do you like the ending?

there’s a secret life in the city, and we may find it!

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Graffiti sobre asfalto

Guillem nos envía esta presentación

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Rudy, Rodrigo, basket, rap, English and blind dates


I’m not very sporty, so it was thanks to your questions to Molly and to Guillem and Rodrigo’s comments on the blog that I discovered Rudy Fernández,  the famous Majorcan basketball player who is currently playing with Portland Trail Blazers .

Maybe in a few years Rodrigo will be playing in the NBA too, who knows? Judging from the photo he published yesterday in this blog, it certainly might happen.

In the meantime, let’s see if we learn a bit more abour this excellent player.

Complete this fact file.  Let’s see who is the first one to post the correct answers to the blog.  The rest can just copy the answers in the notebooks, but you can also contribute to the blog with new findings about Rudy.

  1. In Majorca there is a sportscentre that bears his name. Do you know where?
  2. Date of birth:
  3. School in Palma:
  4. When did he leave Palma?
  5. When did he move to the USA?
  6. What are his parents’ jobs:
  7. Has he got any brothers or sisters?
  8. Teams he played with:
  9. Height and Weight:
  10. How long has he been in Portland?
  11. Which position does he play in?
  12. How old do you think he was in the small photo on the right?

To make your task easier, I have found some videos in you tube:

The fisrt one is a song with some Spanglish and slang asking vor votes. Xilin and Judith did not need one for their campaign! I  have included the lyrics. Can recognize any slang words Molly taught us the other day?

Blazers up in here tonight

Fan voton’ (we got the Spaniard up in here)

Fan voton’

Fan voton’

España España

I never knew a dude that could dunk like this

Make a fan wanna vote Spanish

Como se llama? Si! Su Rudy! Si! Mi dunka

España españa (Me vota)

Oooh Rudy when you dunk like that

You make Superman look bad

Rapid Roy and Carpool

And you took a drive down to Phoenix


Oooh you think it’s right

You know that ball don’t lie

That’s why they call him the Spanish flight

The elevation, like a spaceman

Suddenly I’m a fellow immigration

Sergio he can see you – don’t stop movin’

And you’re cutting it baseline

Real soon – you dudes will be alley oopin’ – In the same suerte

‘Cause you move it like a matador

Nobody can let it go, and you will get a perfect score

No way, you and serge connected – the world must respect it

And say the trailblazers wrecked it

I never knew a dude that could dunk like this

Make a fan wanna vote Spanish

Como se llama? Si! Su Rudy! Si! Mi dunka

España españa (Me vota)

Oooh Rudy when you dunk like that

You make Superman look bad

Rapid Roy and Carpool

And you took a drive down to Phoenix…

In the second one, Rudy sings and speaks in English. I think he could teach us how to play basket and Daryl, Sara, Marta, Tatiana…. well most of you helped by Paquita, your music teacher, could teach him how to sing and play some music . He also needs some English pronunciation practice, don’t you think? I’m sure Molly would do a great job, and who knows… it might end up …. well you tell me.

12065669501260557625Anonymous_light_bulb.svg.medI’ve got it!  we must try to arrange a blind date for them!

Enjoy the  rest of the weekend

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12th to 23rd October Weekly summary (5)

0511-0908-2515-5718_teens_streaming_out_of_their_classroom_clipart_image4Weekly summary: 12th to 23rd October

This summary covers two weeks for two reasons: 

1. You had your first formal examination, so you spent one session taking the exam  and another one correcting it.  

2.  Monday the 11th there was no school, so we only had 3  hours over the 2 weeks to see new contents.

What did we do these 2 weeks? Write a tick next to the things you did. Check in your notebook if you have notes on all the aspects included in the summary.

Week project: Old shops and business city hunt.

 On Friday, we organised the groups to do the power point presentations and discussed how to do it . You will work in groups of three. See the instructions published on th blog on the 12th of October under the heading City life explorers project (1): Old shops and business hunt


We took the exam and corrected it.

We completed the gaps from two songs “Penny Lane” and “Gone”.



pronun1Phonetics and pronunciation:

This week we did a lot of pronunciation practice using songs.

We learnt to memorize words using rhyme and catchy music.

We became ” walking words” and moved around the classroom telling  our classmates what we were in our new life as new words.

We sang  and learnt to pronounce words and shorten them following the music.


  • ·            Old shops city hunt project  (Penny Lane)

Learnt vocabulary connected with cities: road, lane, avenue, roundabout, traffic light, traffic sign, suburban.

  • Rap “gone”

Learnt vocabulary connected with  urban culture: rap, graffiti, bling, gear, whip, material, soul, heart, rich, content.

Learnt some common slang words that appear in songs: ain’t, yo, wanna, gonna.

Learning to learn :

  • We went over the exam questions and learnt how to study next time.
  • We learnt that the blog is our “virtual” book  and have to visit it and use it to learn, express ourselves and also to prepare exams.
  • We learnt that in the blog we can find guidelines and links to help us do our tasks.
  • We learnt that our notebook is essential to organise our learning.

Homework for Monday :


  1. Go over the dossier to complete the parts of the exam you did not answer, for example Chaplin’s biography.
  2. Go over the  vocabulary matching exercises handouts and tongue twisters handouts  to answer the exam correctly.
  3. Use the blog to answer and correct the exam : sounds, vocabulary.
  4. Copy in the notebook the narration of the fragments of Chaplin’s film.


 Post in the blog your opinion on  two current debates:

  1. Should female icons be present in traffic signs?
  2. Is graffiti a form of art or pure vandalism?


What are the key ideas/words of the song “gone” . Write them in your notebook.  Two or three sentences. No more than 25 words.

FOURTH: PREPARE YOUR OLD SHOPS AND BUSINESS CITY HUNT MATERIALS to work on the computers with your group on Monday.

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