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Halloween, Molly’s blog and sick pumpkins

You have already visited Molly’s blog and saw those beautiful pumpkins. I visited the pumpkin patch again and discovered that the pumkins had eaten Western Spaghetti, the recipe  from the post below, and were feeling really sick!!sickpumpkin_in_patch

Visit Molly’s blog…… and find out

Halloween is approaching… and it’s spooky

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Chaplin’s spaghetti…. some years after

In the Gold Rush Chaplin was so hungry he had to cook his old boots and eat his shoe laces as spaghetti. Many years after, let’s hear your opinion on this new recipe.

What are the ingredients?

Do you like the video?


28th October

Congratulations to all the people who have posted comments to  the spaghetti recipe.

Your comments are getting better. You do not repeat “great” “fun” all the time. You are learning to express why you like something.

I would like to have a tree like this….

It’s imaginative

It’s original

Good dictionary work too;it shows in your list of ingredients.  However, nobody has found what the tomatoes are made from… let’s see if you surprise me.

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