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Chaplin’s spaghetti…. some years after

In the Gold Rush Chaplin was so hungry he had to cook his old boots and eat his shoe laces as spaghetti. Many years after, let’s hear your opinion on this new recipe.

What are the ingredients?

Do you like the video?


28th October

Congratulations to all the people who have posted comments to  the spaghetti recipe.

Your comments are getting better. You do not repeat “great” “fun” all the time. You are learning to express why you like something.

I would like to have a tree like this….

It’s imaginative

It’s original

Good dictionary work too;it shows in your list of ingredients.  However, nobody has found what the tomatoes are made from… let’s see if you surprise me.

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33 comentaris »

  1. the video it´s very funny and original

    Comentari per 1alejandro | 8 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  2. I like very much this video, is so orgininal,imaginative and so funny

    Comentari per philline | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  3. I like very much.The ingredients:
    boling water
    rubik cubs
    coloured elastic bands
    aluminium foil

    Comentari per pepe1997 | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  4. That was very amaaaaaazing, creative and imaginative but, in the table why there is a king and a queen of chees?

    Comentari per tatidt | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  5. This video is the most funny.

    Comentari per juditell | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  6. I liked very much. Is very original.

    Comentari per guillemfurio | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  7. I like much this video is too funny and very original the same of other posts.

    Comentari per llorensete | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  8. Tomatoes are made from plasticine.

    Comentari per sarabouza12 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  9. When someone sees this it(she) has to remain hallucinated, is very imaginative and this one very well maked.

    Comentari per gabriel384 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  10. the tomatoes with needles

    Comentari per peptoni97 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  11. RESET is the mashed tomato pincushions, sorry again

    Comentari per 144lala | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  12. ingredients
    liquid silver paper
    one rubrik
    tomato pincushions
    dollar bill
    one dice
    two post-it small
    ball of wool
    Place water in a pot heated with a bunch of eyes.
    In a skillet place the liquid aluminum, rubik chopped mashed tomatoes alfiletros, let cook.
    Place the chopsticks in the boiling water.
    Add to sauce, chopped half dollar bill and two post-it.
    Drain chopsticks, add salsa, cheese ball of wool, and glass kaleidoscope and eat !!!!!

    Comentari per 144lala | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  13. Watch this vidio has made me very hungry!!!!

    I think it is cool because many objects has made a tasty dish espagetis.

    Comentari per 144lala | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  14. Its very funny and delicius.

    Comentari per angelblanch | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  15. The ingredients are: toy eyes, foil, Rubik cubes, pin’s cushion, buble plastic cover, Mikado sticks, strips of one dollar notes, dices, post-its, coloured elastic bands, strips of a ball of woll and grinded glasses form a kaleidoscope.
    The ingredients are so imaginative. Incredible real sound. It looks like delicious. Can I taste it? Don’t do it at home!

    Comentari per mealemany | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

    • it looks delicious!.. good witty comment, Marta.

      Comentari per mloredo | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  16. Use gummy, plastic eyes, aluminum foil, pieces of Rubic cube, pixie stix pic up, dollars, yellow paper, kaleidoscope Steven.

    Comentari per zandalie | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  17. I like the video, for the creativity. I would like a tree like that. It looks very beautiful, but I not eat this.

    Comentari per zandalie | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  18. Yeah, it’s very fun this video

    Comentari per miguelinramonllull | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  19. I like this video is very creative because the part that I like most is when Cut the Rubik cube into smaller parts.

    Comentari per claudiapuche | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  20. I like very much because I never saw a video like this before.It’s imaginative and funny,they us more colors.
    The recipe to do the spaghetti is : magic bucket,spaghetti painted ,yellow post-it as butter,dolars USA ,dices,lace-bobbin of wool as striped cheese…

    Comentari per aina | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  21. The video is very funny.Ya’ve seen 3 times, I love it.

    Comentari per luka2 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  22. lying eyes, rubic cube, aluminum foil, tomatoes, purple, wool, colored pencils, money and paper sticks(postis).
    yes, it’s good video.

    Comentari per peptoni97 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  23. Use small eyes, foil, piece of Rubic cube, plasticine, sticks of game Mikado , strips of money, given, two postits, wool and glitter.

    I really like the video because it uses objects that look like food.

    Comentari per Pilar | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  24. It’s very good video and funny. this original spaghetti.

    Comentari per peptoni97 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  25. 1.There are 11 ingredients: lying eyes, cups, aluminum foil, a cube of ruby, tomatoes, purple, wool and colored pencils.
    2.I like very much the video, I was very impressed because it is impossible to do. This video is very original.

    Comentari per sarabouza12 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

    • I am clueless!. They are also ingredients: money, dice and paper that sticks.

      Comentari per sarabouza12 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

      • Clueless! great, Sara, good use of adjectives. Keep on like that, you’ll learn a lot.

        Comentari per mloredo | 27 Octubre 2009

  26. 1-The ingredients are:water,a cube, foil, tomatoes, colored tip,money, a given, butter, plasticine and purpurin.

    2-Yes, I like very much this video because is funny and has much imagination.

    Comentari per jlny7288 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

    • Are you sure they are tomatoes, Jilin? … I son’t think so.

      Comentari per mloredo | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  27. 1-the ingredients are:one cube,money,pencils,plasticine,a given,material and purpurin.
    2-yes i like very much because is funny but the ingredients are material of the school.

    Comentari per xisco1997 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  28. Yes I really liked this video. The igredientes are: mass, water, glitter, colored tip, pieces of 1 $…

    Comentari per india16 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  29. The ingredients are similar to those we use when making espaquetis.Tiene very funny, i the video is good.

    Comentari per luka2 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

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