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Halloween, Molly’s blog and sick pumpkins

You have already visited Molly’s blog and saw those beautiful pumpkins. I visited the pumpkin patch again and discovered that the pumkins had eaten Western Spaghetti, the recipe  from the post below, and were feeling really sick!!sickpumpkin_in_patch

Visit Molly’s blog…… and find out

Halloween is approaching… and it’s spooky

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  1. Hallowen its a party of monster costums.
    All the people its happy although the party its sinister.

    Comentari per juanmiguel97 | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  2. I like very much Molly’s bloc the photogra is very very nice.Hallowen is my favorite fiesta.

    Comentari per pepe1997 | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  3. what a pity that this patient because I did not then proves that if I get sick … xD

    Comentari per pepelujo | 29 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  4. I don’t like the pumpkins but yes the Molly’s blog.

    Comentari per llorensete | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  5. Molly’s blog is very interesting because there much information and is very funny.

    Comentari per jlny7288 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

    • I agree with Jilin. There are much information.

      Comentari per sarabouza12 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  6. SORRY halloween, sorry and sorry

    Comentari per 144lala | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  7. I like very much Hallowen, but I don´t celebrate it.

    Comentari per india16 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  8. I would like to celebrate a Halloween party at home with my best friends. I will never forget the Halloween party last year. The house, even the food, were scary decorated: cobweb, tarantulas, coffins in the garden, an electrocuted cat attached to a mirror…, sandwiches in coffin shaped , the grapes in jelly look like terrorifics eyes, etc.

    Comentari per mealemany | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  9. I will not have hallowuin celebrate this year because I’m traveling.

    I would like to celebrate because I have a good time and because I like sweets.

    Comentari per 144lala | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  10. Molly’s blog is cool and funny. I thing molly is going to be a very good teacher in the future.

    Comentari per angelblanch | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  11. I dont celebrate Hallowen everi year,but the people what leave next to my house,yes.

    Comentari per 1esoiesramonlull | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  12. I don’t like the first photo is disgusting. I like very much Halloween becouse is a party of scary. This year I am a zombie.

    Comentari per sarabouza12 | 28 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  13. The truth is, not very nice.

    Comentari per luka2 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  14. I celebrate halloween every year,I like wear disguise and eat sweets…
    This pumpkin is very original.
    At halloween, I go with my friends to the our neighbors and they give us candies.

    Comentari per aina | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  15. That disgusting it is! It seems to have vomited.

    Comentari per Pilar | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

    • Good use of adjectives, Pilar. Congratulations. You are improving. Your description of the Spaghetti recipe was really good too.

      Comentari per mloredo | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

  16. yes, this very well molly’s blog. And the pumpkins … uixxx …
    Halloween is approaching

    Comentari per peptoni97 | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

    • You are really fast, Pep Toni, Congratulations

      Comentari per mloredo | 27 Octubre 2009 | Respon

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