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Elevator Music: awareness of others

This video is connected to some of the topics we need to talk about in “tutoría”. I do not know whether tomorrow we’ll have  to cancel the outing due to bad weather but,  in case we cannot have “tutoria”, I want you to watch this video and think about it.

What is the message of the video?message-in-the-bottle_id5074131_size435

What are the people in the elevator thinking?

Can you think of any speech bubbles for the people in the lift?

Think of a title?

Did you like it?


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The streets of Palma through the eyes of a tourist (2): Listening exercise question race

Basic RGB

Here follows another video by the same tourist. This time I am not going to ask you any questions. You will be the one to watch the video and prepare the questions for your classmates.

1. Watch the video and think of a good question. Of course, the answer must be in the video. Questions do not need to be very difficult.

2. Post the question to the blog.

3. The person who knows the answer posts the answer and a new question.  You keep on doing it until everyone in the class has posted a question.

4. Every student  must make a question and an answer, except the first student who  will only post the first question and student number 30 who will only post the last answer.

5. Remember to number the questions.

Hurry up! the sooner you do it, the easier.



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The streets of Palma through the eyes of a tourist (1): Listening exercise


Last May,   a British tourist walked along the streets of Palma filming parts of the city and making a few comments. It is not a professional video, but it gives you a good idea of what our city is like seen through the eyes of a tourist.

We are going to stroll  along the same streets, so let’s get some listening practice beforehand.

Watch this video and answer the questions in your notebook. As usual , the first one to find the answers must post them to the blog. Remember to write the number of the question you are answering to make it easier for your class mates.

1. She walks along a street called San Feliu, can you find it in the map?

2. What is her opinion on the courtyards? What are the adjectives she uses to describe them?

3. She passes a hairdresser. What is the name of the hairdresser?

4. Is it a modern one or an old one?

5. Are there lots of business in the streets?

6. What are the streets like? What is the adjective she uses to describe the streets?

7. She passes a place where French is taught. What is the name of the place?

8. She talks about the domination of the island by different people. Tick the ones she mentions:

Fenitians         Vandals          Romans           Arabs  Any other

9. She passes a pastry and bread shop. What is the name of the shop?

10. What can you buy in the bread shop packaged in gift boxes?

11. Which church does she find at the end of the street? Do you recognise it?

12. What does she say about prizes in Majorca?

13. What does she say about prices in restaurants?

14. How much does she say some restaurants charge you for a simple salad?

15. What does she say about prices in supermarkets?

16.Why does she recommend renting an apartment?

17. What does she say about prices of guided tours organised by the municipality of Palma?

18. Does she plan to go on one of those city tours?

19. How big are the apartments that are being advertised?

20. What is real state? What do they sell?

21. Does she talk about  the history of Mallorca?

22. Did you find the video very difficult?

23. Did you learn any new words?

23. Do you think she likes the city?


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