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Make interesting, brainy comments on the blog: unpack your adjectives

All the language teachers in the blog want to help you ….

make clever comments. No more dull, childish comments, Please!

In order to make smashing comments, you need to put more adjectives in your bag and unpack them .

Watch this video and choose 5 new adjectives. Then, try to use them. Some will be very helpful when you need to describe our walk next Monday. Remember, if you sing along, you’ll memorize words  easily. Give it a try,  start in the shower if you are too shy, Pep Toni is looking for volunteers for a class choir.


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Our blog is growing, Ivan, your new Science teacher has joined in.

Today,  in the blog, Emili showed you how to use Google to get a street view of the streets of Palma. In the meantime,  in Science lessons you are investigating the world you live in  from a different perspective, studying the  layers of the Earth. Imagine you are travelling to the very centre of the earth, what would you find? How do we know what the earth is made of?

On Thursday we’ll work with these two pages. They are materials published by Oxford University Press to introduce science concepts in English . Next year you will study Science in English, so it is about time to start. Have a look at these two pages before Thursday.

We want to be environmental friendly and reduce the amount of paper we use, so we are not going to give you photocopies of this unit. We’ll be working in the computer room, so you will have the screen in front of you. You will also be able to use on line dictionaries. Remember to bring a set of headphones to listen to audio materials.

Can you think of any famous volcano?

When was the last earthquake you heard of?

In this excellent website from a British school, Woodlands Junior High School, you will find information about volcanos.

Explore the site:

Your English teachers are  not  experts on volcano eruptions but they like very much to sing along, so we have looked for a nice song for you.

Good pronunciation practice!

For those of you who want to do a bit of extra work let’s see if you can copy the lyrics… it’s optional.. but if you do it post it to the blog.

Ingles Tierra1

Ingles Tierra2


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Google Maps en modo street view

Un día comentamos en clase que los mapas de Google admitían una visión a pie de calle, conseguida gracias a las muchas imágenes que ha ido acumulando Google desde unos coches propios que recorren y fotografían las calles de las distintas ciudades del mundo.
Pero como Internet cambia casi por segundos, resulta que hoy ya está disponible este modo street view en los mapas de Palma. Os toca probar el nuevo invento: visita la página de Google Maps hasta localizar el mapa de Palma, y acércate hasta el Instituto (pistas: cerca está el Canódromo o el Hospital General de Mallorca)
Fíjate que en la barra vertical de navegación situada a la izquierda, la que te permite hacer zoom y desplazarte a lo largo del mapa, hay ahora un muñequito amarillo. Basta que lo arrastres hasta la calle que desees, y aparecerá la vista callejera: fotografías de 360º
Ánimo, y mañana demostraréis en clase cómo os movéis por las calles de Palma 🙂
Por ejemplo, intenta ir desde el Instituto hasta Cort o la Seu. Tienes que arrastrar el muñequito de calle en calle, en el cuadro que aparece en la parte inferior derecha del mapa grande.

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Jeux de mots: Ella elle l’a

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