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Words: scrapes, skyscrapers, cities and wounds.

Hi everyone!

Learning words in the void is not fun, You remember the fun theory, don’t you?

Scrape……..  Does this word ring a bell?

What happened to our Molly the other day when she went roller blading?

She was talking on the phone and ……

She showed to you how she scraped her knee.

Skyscraper is a nice word, isn’t it? it has the word scrape in it too.

Anyway, we are learning about the city, and in our city there are not many skyscrapers.

1)What is the highest building in Palma you can think of? Do you know where the one in the photo is?

2)Do you like skyscrapers?

Scrapes are quite common among chidren, and skaters, and footballplayers..

3)When was the last time you had a scrape?  Do you remember?

Go to this site watch a short video on what to do when you suffer a scrape or a cut.

4) Did you learn any new word after watching the video? Was it difficult to understand?

Remember, words can appear in very different situations…

Sometimes they almost touch the sky...  and sometimes… hurt.


HOMEWORK:  Watch the video and answer the 4 questions posting a comment to the blog.

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  1. skies scratch if it is a good word.
    Poor Molly scraped her knee xD

    Comentari per pepelujo | 30 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  2. 1) I think that it is the cathedral. The chrysler tower and is like a pencil in New York.
    2) O.K, I like buildings but not so high.
    3) The last summer in the swimming pool: I hit my head against the swimming pool floor and it hurt very much.
    4) No because it had images.

    Comentari per tatidt | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  3. 1- The Cathedral- The Empire States building, New York.
    2- Yes.
    3- No. I don’t remember.
    4- Yes, soap. Yes

    Comentari per jlny7288 | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  4. 1: The Cathedral- The Empire States building, New York.
    2: Yes.
    3: No- I don’t remember.
    4: Yes, ointing antibiotic- Yes.

    Comentari per miguelinramonllull | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  5. 1)I think is “la Torre de la Caixa”.
    2)Yes because sometimes are very impressive.
    3)Was to weeks ago playing flag rugbi but was very small.

    Comentari per guillemfurio | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  6. 1-the cathedral, I thing in New York.
    2-I don’t like because is not beautiful.
    3-In summer.
    4-Yes, ointing antibiotic, the men talked very fast.

    Comentari per angelblanch | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  7. 1)The cathedral.The Empire States.
    2)Yes, because I like the highs buildings.
    3)I don’t remember.

    Comentari per llorensete | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  8. 1 – i think the cathedral – the empire states
    2 – No i don’t like because they are very high.
    3- i don’t remember.
    4- Yes – yes, is very difficult to understand but with the images is not so diffilcut.

    Comentari per philline | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  9. 1)The torre es Forti. Yes, is in Empire State in New York.
    2)Not, because they are too high and I think the landscape would be more attractive to small buildings.
    3)Recently, because in the Basket are a gross, but nothing serious.
    4)Not because it was short, and placed the words below.

    Comentari per Pilar | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

    • 1)The building of the photo is Chrysler Building.

      Comentari per Pilar | 23 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  10. 1.the cathedral.

    2.Yes, because they are very beautifully.

    3.Yes! I remember. Was in Plaza España last friday.


    Comentari per 1alejandro | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  11. 1)I think is the cathedral. I think is Empire States.
    2)Yes, i like.
    3)In summer.

    Comentari per Rodrigo Deus | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  12. 1. The Catedral. Yes, the Empire States.
    2. No.
    3. Yes, I sliping with a rock.
    4. Yes, antibiotic ointment. No, it’s easy to understand.

    Comentari per zandalie | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  13. 1)Building es Forti(plaza madrid) Empire states
    3)In summer
    4)Yes, antibiotic ointment

    Comentari per peptoni97 | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  14. 1) The cathedral
    2) Yes I like them because they are very high and I like the view.
    3) It was when I was eight and I tripped on the playground.
    4) I’ve learned antibiotic ointment. It was difficult but I helped the images.

    Comentari per claudiapg | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  15. 1-I like the catedrl because is beautiful and big.
    2-I like very much.
    3-I don’t remember.

    Comentari per pepe1997 | 22 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  16. 1.Of course, the Cathedral. Is the building Empire States.
    2.No, I think are horribles and I’m scary of falling.
    3.Oh yes! I remember. Was in the high school in physical education, Angel and Llorenç accidentally pushed me.
    4.Yes like a antibiotic ointment. No I think is easy to understand.

    Comentari per sarabouza12 | 21 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  17. 1) I think is the building in the Madrid square. Is the building Empire State in New York.
    2) Yes, I like, because are different.
    3) I remember, in summer I played with my friends in the swimming pool.
    4) It is difficult to understand the video but it is possible to learn very much vocabulary.

    Comentari per aina | 21 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  18. 1) I think is a Cathedral.
    2) Yes, because are very tall.
    3) I don’t no. No
    4) No.

    Comentari per andrea199762 | 21 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  19. 1. 1)I think what is tha bellver castle.
    is the cathedral.
    2)Yes, i like.
    3)I scraping my knee,3 times.

    Comentari per 1esoiesramonlull | 21 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  20. 1)The highest building in Palma is the Cathedral.
    2)I don´t now, beacuse I have not see any.
    3)Yes.The last time I had a scratch was in August, in the finger, I still have the mark.
    4)Yes I learn new word as: antibiotic ointment (pomada antibiótica), remains, bleedings..

    Comentari per india16 | 21 Novembre 2009 | Respon

  21. 1)I think is torre es forti. I think is imperi states.
    2)I don’t like because are artificial, are very high for me.
    3)The last time I remember scraping my leg was in the mountains because they pushed me.
    4)It’s quite easy to understand, especially with images.

    Comentari per juditell | 21 Novembre 2009 | Respon

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