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Students from the US talk about their science blog

There are student bloggers all over the world. Some, as these from Ms Baker’s Biology class, are really proud of their blog. Listen to them.

Maybe we could send them a mail, their site is really good and they seem really enthusiastic. Are you as proud of Castígate and Castígate 2 as they are?

Homework: for Monday

1. Write two good things the students say about the blog

2. There is a boy who uses a metaphor, he says before he started blogging in Mrs Baker’s blog he was a fish in a tiny fish bowl.  What changed after Mrs Baker started her blog?  He was a fish in….

Can you explain the metaphor?

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Science lessons. Volcanos (2)

Tomorrow we’ll have our session with Ivan, and I expect you to switch into your volcanic personality mode.

Your pronunciation with Molly’s help will be excellent, so be ready to impress us.

Lava, vent, epicenter, earthquake…

When we come into the room be ready to introduce yourself.

Some slides I found on slide share to help you remember who you are. You can always go back to the volcanic eruption song.

I would  have liked to tell you who the authors are of these excellent power point presentations, but I could not find their names.

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Students presentations: A walk in Palma November 2009

Zandalie, Daryl and Jilin

Peptoni, Guillem and Xisco

Miquel Àngel, Laura  and Marta

LLorenç, Juan Miguel and Philline

Pep, Àngel and Rodrigo

Lukas, Pilar and Johana

Judit, Claudia and Lovepreet

Carlos, Jose Luis and Alejandro

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