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Mt Hood from the air, snowy trails, huckleberry milshakes and volcanos

This morning Molly told us how scary last Christmas  landing in Oregon airport was. Do you remember? Answer questions  from 1 to 9 in your notebook

  1. What was the weather like when she landed? Which 3 adjectives did she use to describe the weather?

  2. Why did the plane circle and circle and circle without landing?

  3. What did she see from the plane?

  4. What did Molly’s vision and Lukas vision’ have in common?

  5. What did the men carry in their hands?

  6. Who picks Molly up when she arrives in Portland?

  7. Does Molly go straight home from the airport? Where does she stop? Why?

  8. How long does Molly’s  journey from Palma to Portland take?

  9. Why Is Mt Hood called that way?

Now that you’ve made your brain work a bit, I’ll leave you with some images.

November 23rd, 2007, Was it Molly, the one who filmed Mt Hood from the plane? We have to ask her next week.

This is beautiful Mt Hood from the air

This is a plane taking off, not landing, but it is also very cold and it is  Oregon too..

Now, no more flying, let’s go down to earth

We’ll follow a girl on a trail to Mt Hood, until… at the end there’s a reward, Huckleberry Milkshakes and beautiful Oregon wildflowers.

10. What are huckleberries? What do they taste like? bitter? sweet? sour? 11. And milk shakes? Is this girl holding a milkshake?

12. Finally, you know what?  I bet Mt Hood has something to do with volcanos,  let your volcano personality take over, go to Wikepedia and check: Was I right?

13. What is the time Zone in Oregon? are they ahead or behind us?

14. send a comment of these videos to the blog and add the Oregon time in your comment.


HOMEWORK for next Thursday

Questions 1 to 9 in your notebook. Questions 10 to 14 in the blog. Remember to figure out Oregon time and add it  in your post.

Have a nice weekend!

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