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2.en.6. Theatre terms: prompter and props; apuntador, utilería, atrezo; apuntador, utilleria, attrezzo

It seems you are very enthusiastic about drama, so let’s learn some useful vocabulary for our next production. In our next dramatization, we have to decide who will be responsible for props and also who the prompter will be.



    Theater. a person who is offstage and follows a play in progress from the book, repeating missed cues and supplying actors with forgotten lines.
      an electronic or mechanical device for prompting a speaker or performer.


      • Props:
      • a usually movable item, other than costumes or scenery, used on the set of a theater production, motion picture, etc.; any object handled or used by an actor in a performance.

      how do you say prompter and props in Catalan and Spanish?

      In this page you can find a glossary of the most common theater  terms:

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      1. When i did places i always nervous but then i spent

        Comentari per 1esoiesramonlull | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

      2. i like very much is very interesting.

        Comentari per jhoannacorrea | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

      3. I like study the theater in all idioms. Are really fun becouse I like very much the theater.

        Comentari per sarabouza12 | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

      4. I said in Spanish prompter is ”puntual o apuntador”.

        Comentari per zandalie | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

      5. The prompter in Catalan and in Spanish is props is “apoyo” and prompter is “promotor”

        Comentari per miguelinramonllull | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

      6. Is very interesting.

        Comentari per india16 | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

      7. Is said the same in Catalan and in spanish, apuntador.

        Comentari per peptoni xD | 21 Desembre 2009 | Respon

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