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2.en.10 Are you ready to talk about the film you saw during Christmas? films (2)

This morning we did a vocabulary exercise with plenty of words to talk about films. Do you remember what a “cameo” is, or “setting”?

In this new worksheet by boggle world, you will find the aspects that you must include when you talk about a film.

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2.en.9. Two versions of the song that gives the movie its name “stand by me”

The theme song of the film “Stand by me” was performed by Ben E. King and written by Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller. In the 60’s. According to Wikipedia, “Stand by Me” was ranked number 121 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. In 1999, BMI named it as the fourth most-performed song of the 20th century, with about 7 million performances.

Here follow 3 versions of the song. One is a cartoon animation, the other one is the result of an initiative to use music to connect people from all over the world, called “playing for a change”

Finally you might choose to sing along the original Ben E. King version as you read the lyrics

Timon and Pumba (animation)

“Playing For Change: Peace Through Music” street musicians from all over the world singing together

Stand By Me (lyrics) – Ben E. King

  1. What do you think about them?
  2. Which one do you like best?
  3. Do you understand the lyrics?
  4. What are the words you did not understand and had to look up in the dictionary?

Post your answers to the blog for Friday 22nd

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2.en.8. Stand, stood, stood and some idiomatic expressions with the verb to stand

Stand, stood, stood; Stand by; Stand for; Stand out; I can’t stand.

You all know what the verb to stand means, don’t you?  But I bet you do not know many of the idiomatic expressions with stand. Today we’ll learn a few. To begin with , let’s start with the title of the film.” Stand by me”

Stand by = apoyar, respaldar

“Stand by me” has been translated as “Cuenta conmigo”, but it also could have been translated as “Apóyame”, “Respáldame”

The opposite Let someone downdejar en la estacada, fallar, no apoyar y dejar tirado a alguien.

Stand out = destacar, sobresalir

Stand for= defender, abogar

Stand for= significar, representar

  • Basketball players stand out in the crowd, they are usually so tall!
  • Stand for your rights, don’t let bullies frighten you.
  • What does UFO stand for?

There’s a very common expression with stand, “I can’t stand”= I strongly dislike, I hate

I’ll give you three examples of somethings I cannot stand:

I can’t stand bullies and violent people

I can’t stand people who are whining all the time

I can’t stand lying on the beach for hours

I can’t stand Reggaeton

I can’t stand crazy driving and the sound of motorbikes speeding up in the city

What about you?

Homework : Write 5 things you can’t stand and post them to the blog.

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