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2.en.29. Outing to Banyalbufar

I have uploaded the photos of today outing  to flicker. We had a great time, didn’t we?

See you tomorrow.Did you have a good time?

What did you like best?

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  1. Yes! I have a very good time.
    I like best when we was at the beach

    Comentari per philline | 8 Març 2010 | Respon

  2. Yes, I have a good and nice time.
    I like best the break.I throwed some rocks in the water with my friends.

    Comentari per jlny7288 | 8 Març 2010 | Respon

  3. 1.Yes, sun!
    2.I liked the first hour later the bus.

    Comentari per sarabouza12 | 27 febrer 2010 | Respon

  4. Yes, I have a goot time.
    I like best when we were on the beach and go in to the water.

    Comentari per angelblanch | 24 febrer 2010 | Respon

  5. Yes, is very good time
    I liked when we in to the sea.

    Comentari per jhoannacorrea | 24 febrer 2010 | Respon

  6. Yes, I has a very good time in Monday.
    The best of the outing for me, was the Canonge beach. I throwed some rocks to another rock in the water.

    Comentari per miguelinramonllull | 24 febrer 2010 | Respon

  7. Yes, I like very much the excursion.
    I like very much the moment when we into to the water in the beach, but the water are very cool. I just wet my feet.

    Comentari per andrea199762 | 24 febrer 2010 | Respon

  8. Yes, I have.
    The moment when I like best was we put our feets into the sea.

    Comentari per claudiapg | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  9. I could not go … . I was told that they tired a lot. And it had some fun with the killer wave.

    Comentari per peptoni xD | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  10. Yes I have a very good time.
    The moment like best is wen bathe in the beach.

    Comentari per xisco1997 | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  11. Yes, I have a very good time!
    The moment I liked best was when the killer wave attack us.

    Comentari per juditell | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  12. Yes, i have a good time with the walking and the friends.

    I very liked the moment than stoping in the sea and playing with the friends.

    Comentari per LuK 'S | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  13. Yes, I have a very good and funny time.
    I liked more when we in to the sea.

    Comentari per aina | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  14. It was wonderful and there was a very beautiful beach, but not the one we visited, another behind some trees, in front of the clif.

    Comentari per tatidt | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

  15. I love the outing, what I like best are the break.

    Comentari per india16 | 23 febrer 2010 | Respon

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