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3.en 1 “Book” the ultimate high-tech gadget

Dear Students,

Congratulations on your book reviews. On Friday you will know who the winners are. In the meantime you can go to the library and look at the works displayed.

Now, a surprise. Watch this video, Ana Blesa, the art teacher sent  me.  It is in Spanish but we are working on the English version. Molly will  be perfect to present it, won’t she? , but she’d love to have some assistants. Would you like to participate?

It’s a nice campaign to celebrate Book day, isn’t it?

Here follows the English translation of the script.

English translation of the transcript

1. Hello, let us introduce the new Bio-optical-knowledge organized device, trade name: Book.

2. Book is a revolutionary technological breakthrough, no wires, no electric circuits, no battery, no power  needed.

3. Compact and portable, Book can be used anywhere.

4. Without battery, there’s no need to recharge so it can be used as long as necessary without an electrical outlet.

5. Book never freezes or crashes.

6. Book never needs to be restarted, you can simply open it and begin to enjoy its great advantages. This is how it works:

7. Book is constructed of sequentially numbered sheets of paper,   each  of which can store thousands of bits of information.

8. Each page is scanned optically, registering  information directly into your brain.

9. A simple finger movement takes us from one page to the next.

10. The pages are held together by a sewn device known as spine, which keeps them in the correct order.

11. Thanks to opaque paper technology, manufacturers can use both sides, doubling information and reducing costs.

12. Most Books include an index function to pinpoint  the exact location of any selected information for instant retrieval.

13. The optional accessory “bookmark” opens the Book at the exact point where it was left the previous session, even if the Book was closed.

14. The bookmarks comply  with international standards so that the same bookmarks can be used in books from different manufacturers.

15. Conversely, several bookmarks may be used in the same Book if the user wants to mark different points at once.

16. You can also take personal notes alongside  the text of Book entries using a simple programming tool: the pencil.

17. The handsfree device, also known as  stand, allows proper placement of Book for easy reading without the use of hands.

18. If you need to turn the page a mere finger movement is enough.

19. Book is a product that respects the environment as it is composed of 100%  recyclable materials.

20. Portable, durable and affordable, Book is being acclaimed as the forerunner of a new wave of entertainment.

21. Welcome to the era that will transform your way of understanding the world, welcome to the Book experience.

If you want to see our Molly presenting this amazing new gadget, check “Castígate”, I bet you’ll be surprised.

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6 comentaris »

  1. I want this book, is fantastic!

    Comentari per india16 | 21 Abril 2010 | Respon

  2. I think that this is other book normal and current. Yes, I would like to participate with Molly (:

    Comentari per peptoni xD | 21 Abril 2010 | Respon

    • Me too Pep Toni:)

      Comentari per india16 | 21 Abril 2010 | Respon

  3. I think that this is an other form of 1.000.000 that exist to sell a product,in this case a simple book.But I like the idea because is too original.=)

    Comentari per llorensete | 21 Abril 2010 | Respon

  4. The claim of the book is very good, I would like to participate with Molly.

    Comentari per 144lala | 21 Abril 2010 | Respon

  5. It’s just a normal book! There are 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000… of them in world!

    Comentari per tatidt | 21 Abril 2010 | Respon

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