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3.en.3. Books, libraries, librarians and readaholics. Homework: 3 posts for Friday 30th April

Dear Students,

Most of you have already discovered that the Internet is like a world wide library where you can, among other things,  look for information and  read. In our blog we have used the Internet to encourage  you to read and to help you discover the pleasure of reading.  Today we celebrated St Jordi’s Day which also happens to be Book Day. My first post to the blog this term was a vindication of  the ” BOOK” as the ultimate technological gadget, don’t you remember?

Maybe in the future we’ll have electronic books, instead of paper ones, but, in fact, what really matters is that whether the  “wrapping” is  hard cover, paperback or e-book, the content will be made from the same ingredients.  We are talking about food this term, right? So what do you think the ingredients of a book are?  (1) Post a comment  to the blog with your answers.

You go to the Ramon Llull library when you want to borrow a book. Carmen, the librarian, who is also an English teacher, is always there to help you and to lend you books. In the library, there are also computers that expand the idea of “library”  beyond the walls of our school.  All over the world, libraries have incorporated computers and internet access to their  facilities. However, the atmosphere of a library is essential;  a place where you can go to read, to study, and to enjoy. So libraries need to be peaceful, quiet, organized  and attractive.

Today’s display of students’s works and of old books organized by Carmen, as well as the prices given by the different language departments transformed our School Library into a nice meeting place for all the students and teachers who enjoy reading and who love books.

Congratulations to everyone!

First of all thanks to Carmen, our excellent and enthusiastic librarian. In this photo you can see her with Lovepreet, from 1st ESO E, her assistant  during breaks and  absolute winner of the readaholic award this year.

Whenever you see Lovepreet, you’ll find her eagerly devouring books. This picture was taken in the vintage train on our  class outing to Soller.

Congratulations to the students  from 1st ESO A,B, C and D,Jonás, Bárbara, who did such a great job explaining the contents of the works displayed: posters, photo philosophy, illustrated poems, old books and mobile library.  They were really professional !

Here you can see Carmen and Lovepreet surrounded  by some very nice libraries. One of them, you’ll surely recognize. We visited it this year thank’s to Angel’s mother, Maria Vallespir, during our class outing to the historic center  of Palma. It is in a private palace,   Can Vivot, don’t you remember? At the top left, you can see the beautiful Gunnar Asplund Stockholm library, I was there last Easter and it is a fantastic place. I’ve also included a photo of  New York Public Library, which you might have seen in some movies.

Can you contribute to the blog with a library you like, or a famous one you’ve heard of? (2)Post your contributions to the blog.

Last but not the least, Thanks to the students from 4th ESO B. Visit Ramon Lull web page and you’ll see that they are also book fans. The were a great jury and are responsible for the display of the Poster Book Reviews. You can see them posing behind the winners: Pilar, Aina, Lukas, Jilin, Guiem, Marta and Lovepreet.  Andrea and Judith are not in the photo but they also deserve an applause for their good work.

Finally, thanks to Ana Blesa who was responsible for the poster and the pretty St Jordi’s badges.  Her students’work transformed the library into a colorful place.

Works will be displayed next week. (3) Your third task will consist on a visit to the library. Choose one of the art works displayed (illustrations of poems, photo philosophy) and post your choice to the blog. You need to explain what the photo and its caption and the poem and its illustration are  about .

See you on Monday. Remember that you must post your comments to the blog (Homework/tasks 1,2 and 3). Deadline, Friday 30th April, I will not accept any excuses. Well if you tell me that you were absorbed reading a good book, I might forget about posts, provided you tell me what the book was about. Just kidding! you know me, don’t you?

Have a good weekend!

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