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3.en. 17. Take a stand against bullies, Take the pledge, Take action

Today we’ll have a very special guest in our class, Armin Quintana. He arrived at the Ramon Llull 6 years ago and was a student of 1st ESO of the European Section, just as you are now. This year he finished his senior year (2nd Batxillerat)with excellent grades  and he will leave our school to go to the university. He is a great student and a great person too. His English is excellent and he was classified in 3rd position in the Fonix competition. He will tell you about his experience at the Ramon Llull. You can ask him questions and he will also give you some advice on how to take a stand against bullies.

Today’s post is dedicated to bullying. Most of you have heard what bullying is, some of you might have been victims of bullies, but also might have been bullies some other times.  Let’s reflect on what a bully is and take action to make our school a……

bully free environment.

What is a bully?

How many forms of bullying can you think of?

Have you ever been bullied?

Have you ever been a bully yourself?

Watch these two videos and explain the kind of bullying that takes place.



Match the visuals with the different types of bullying

a) physical bullying: being hit, tripped, kicked, pinched etc

b) verbal bullying: being called names, teased, put down etc

c) psychological bullying: being threatened, stalked, gestures etc

d) social bullying: being ignored, having rumours spread about you, excluding someone etc

e) sexual bullying: unwanted touching or brushing against someone, picking on someone because of their sexual orientation etc

e) cyber bullying: insulting someone in chat rooms, sending cruel or threatening emails/text messages; using the web, chat rooms or mobile phones to spread rumours or information about someone etc

These are some of the ways people feel when they are bullied

scared asustado espantat 1
sad triste trist 2
helpless impotente impotent 3
unsafe en peligro en perill 4
ashamed, embarrassed avergonzado avergonyit 5
alone solo sol 6
angry enfadado enfadat 7
weak débil feble 8
nervous nervioso nerviós 9
sick enfermo malalt 10
not confident inseguro insegur 11
not wanting to go to school con rechazo a ir a clase amb rebuig a anar a classe 12
like I deserved it como si me lo mereciera com si m’ho mereixés 13
like no one cares como si a nadie le importara com si a ningú li importés 14

Have you ever felt like this?

When I was bullied I ( always, sometimes, never) felt………

Are there any other feelings you can think of?

There are many videos against bullying in You Tube because bullying is a world wide problem. I have chosen three that I liked, but I’m sure you can find others.

I like the slogan of this simple animation.

There are also excellent websites that try to develop awareness  and make students take as stand against bullying. I have chosen tow websites from Australia, they are great. Investigate a bit, let’s see what you find.

We got excellent tips on how to fight bullies in an Austalian website. Some of the visuals that illustrate this post are from this web page too.


Bullying has to do with not accepting that people are different.

What do you think?

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3.en.16. Molly’s last week at the Ramon Llull.

Molly, our great assistant teacher is leaving  but we shall not forget her. Last week  students prepared great surprise parties for her. Here follow some samples of what happened inside the classes.

4th ESO B students brought excellent food, decorated the class, prepared a fill in the gaps exercise for her and recorded a video to wish her goodbye.

1st ESO E students decorated the class with balloons, made flags with Molly’s photo, put up a big poster on the wall and projected a great power point presentation telling her how much they had enjoyed her lessons and her company on Fridays.

Here follow some photos showing the class decoration and the power point the students prepared for her


Listen to the video recorded by 4th year ESO students. let’s see if you can understand what they say. Every student from 1st ESO E has to contribute. Do not repeat sentences. In order to post your comments you must read the  previous comments made by your classmates. Post  your answers to the blog.

Deadline, next Friday4th June

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3.en.15 Students power point presentations on the Olivar Market outing

Here follow some samples of your work and  some reflections on your presentations

Good points

  1. Most of you have learnt  to use Google Docs, an excellent tool for collaborative work
  2. Most of you have  learnt how important it is to collaborate and help each other in order to get a good final product and to be efficient
  3. Most of you  have learnt  to present your work   in three languages
  4. Most of you have learnt how important it is to have visual support to present a project to an audience
  5. Most of you have learnt the cost of   feeding  a family of 4 members for a day
  6. Most of you have learnt to compare quality and prices  of  restaurant menus
  7. Most of you have learnt  what a great variety of food is offered in a very small area of your city
  8. Most of you have learnt about local products and shops
  9. Most of you have learnt how to describe an urban area, gathering information through observation and research
  10. Most of you have learnt to interview people
  11. Most of you are now much better at speaking in public
  12. Most of you are now better at presenting your works in an attractive way
  13. Most of you have learnt new vocabulary and expressions connected with food
  14. Most of you have learnt how to make a dish and the language of instructions to make a recipe
  15. Most of you have reflected on your work and have learnt how important  self assessment is

Things to improve

  1. Some of you did not meet the deadlines
  2. Some of you did not follow the instructions given by the teachers
  3. Some of you did not help each other sufficiently
  4. Some of you worked very little and left most responsibility to other members of the group
  5. Some of you did not use the spell checker
  6. Some of you did not follow the guidelines given in the dossier
  7. Some of you let the other members of the group down
  8. Some of you did not behave properly during the outing
  9. Some of you did not collect the necessary information
  10. Some of you did not rehearse the oral presentation
  11. Some of you did not include visual aids in the power point

Do you agree with your teacher’s comments?

Homework for Friday:

From the 15 good points your teacher has mentioned, choose 5 you fully agree with and post your comments to the blog.  Conversely, choose 3 aspects you feel can be improved in the future and post them to the blog too.  You can add aspects the teacher did not think of.

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Juga amb les notes musicals

Al principi de curs van fer un joc parescut als sudokus però amb notes musicals. Aquí tens l’enllaç.

A jugar

26 Mai 2010 Posted by | música | 3 comentaris Top models

¿ Alguien sabe quién fue la primera auténtica top model de la história? Probablemente, no. Se llamaba Evelyn Nesbit, y en 1901 llegó a Nueva York, a los quinze años, acompañada de su inevitable madre – todas tienen una madre celosa y protectora, asta que ellas mismas se independizan, cansadas de su celo-.
En su ciudad natal, Evelyn habia causado estragos. Se pusiera lo que se pusiera, y la fotografia con lo que la fotografiaran, el resultado era immediato, y el éxito, seguro. Pese a su temprana edad, Evelyn Nesbit era un imán. Pero basicamente lo parecía. A todo aquel que llebara pantalones le probocaba una reacción global, le atrapaba, le seducia.
Así que Nueva York centelleó para la primera Lolita de su emporio.

Joel Fender fue el fotógrafo que la lanzó al estrellato en la ciudad de los rascacielos, utilizándola como modelo para lucir sombreros, zapatos, vestidos, etc.
Los periódicos publicaron con avidez esas fotos. Pero el público a quien convirtió en una diosa fué a ella. Fué bautizada como “la modelo más hermosa de Estados Unidos”.
También se convirtió en la primera pin-up. Sus fotos eran el secreto oculto de muchos jóvenes cuando aún no se habian inventado los pósters.

El siguiente paso de Evelyn fue el mundo del espectáculo: corista en el musical ‘Floradors’, en un pequeño papel en ‘The wild rose’… hasta aceptó ser la protegida, y amante de un famoso arquitecto llamado Stanford White. Evelyn tenía dieciseis años y el cuarenta y siete, además de una esposa.
El escándalo marcó su vida a partir de aquí.

El modelo Evelyn Nesbit se a perpetuado desde aquel comienzo de siglo.
Hubo cambios, pero las tops continuaron siendo las reinas.
En los años veinte se intentó que ellas no apartaran la atencion del producto que anunciaban. Fue un vano intento. El diseñador francés Paul Poiret llegó a prohibirle en cierta ocasión a una periodista inglesa que hablara con una modelo. Le dijo: “No hable con las chicas. ¡Ellas no existen!”
Pero sí existian. A partír de los años cuarenta, el término supermodelo o top model ya comenzó a ser habitual. Con Cindy Crawford los años ochenta acabaron encumbrando lo que ya en los sesenta y los setenta era una señal de identidad.

1. Copia en tu cuaderno este texto y corrige las palabras que tengan algún error ortográfico.
2. Explica el significado de las palabras subrayadas.
3. Hay varias palabras que tienen un valor metafórico. ¿Cuáles?
4. Resume el texto en dos líneas.
5. Explica el sentido de la frase: “En los años veinte se intentó que ellas no apartaran la atencion del producto que anunciaban”

Corregiremos el ejercicio el lunes día 17

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3.en.14. Zucchini bread and Molly’s second life as Pocahontas

Today Molly joined us during our visit at the Olivar Market. Did you check whether she bought zucchini? Last Friday she made a delicious zucchini bread and brought it to our class for you to taste.

Thank You Molly!

We already knew she was great at acting. Remember her presentation of BOOK.

Now, latest news……

Our Molly is a reincarnation of Pocahontas, no kidding! Have a look at the video. Do you recognize anyone?

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3.en.13. Paella is famous all over the world, but so is 1st ESO E from the Ramon Llull

Dear students,

in one on the last posts (3.en.9), you could see a representation of the English department, Molly, Belma and Raúl, hands on preparing a delicious paella.

This delicious dish is famous all over the world, as fas north as Stockholm, but you are almost as famous. Check the video and tell me if you are able to hear the name of your class.

  1. Where is Stockholm?
  2. Can you think of any famous Swedish dish?
  3. Look at the queues, waiting to taste paella and check the spelling of this tricky word. Is QUEUE the only spelling admitted? Use the dictionary to find out the answer.
  4. What does the logo on the bags remind you of?

Post your comments to the video and to the questions to the blog.

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Was essen wir heute Abend?


ich koche heute Abend Spaghetti mit Fleischsauce. Aber wir haben keine Tomaten und kein Fleisch, aber ich arbeite bis 20:00. Kaufst du die Tomaten und das Fleisch? Und Eis? Mmh, ich liebe Schokoladeneis!!

Aber magst du Spaguetti? Vielleicht besser Bratwurst? Dann Bratwurst! Ich habe aber keine Bratwürste?! Was meinst du Spaghetti oder Bratwurst?!

Bitte antworte schnell!!


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Mmmhhh, ohh wie lecker!! Hast du Hunger?

Jetzt bekommst du sicher Hunger. Oder vielleicht Durst? Wir haben kürzlich über Lebensmittel gesprochen. Welche Lebensmittel kannst du auf dem Foto erkennen? Tschüüüs, bis morgen!

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3.en.12. Molly is certainly great, isn’t she?

Dear Students,

I told you there were many artists hidden in our group. We have just discovered the English department cooking skills. Now just have a look at Molly presenting “BOOK”. what do you think? isn’t she great?

Post a comment to the blog.

Take note of Molly’s pronunciation: portable, affordable, durable...

Can you think of any other adjectives with that ending?

Have you learnt any new words?

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