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3.en.10. Daryl and Jilin at La Caixa. Congratulations!

in 3.en.5. we told you that Andrea, Jilin and Daryl had done a great job at la Caixa. Now, Emili has uploaded a video where  you can see Jilin and Daryl on stage.

It’s a pity you could not  go, but thanks to you tube we can still see them.

There are other great artists hidden in our group….. dancers, singers, poets…. guess who? any ideas?

More videos and photos coming soon!

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  1. […] workshop was a success and I hope this year, we shall not miss it next Thursday, will be so too. Click here if you’d like to read what the students of 2nd ESO thought of it. I include a photo of the poetry festival that took place at la Caixa and a short video of Daryl […]

    Retroping per 3.en.83 Sometimes things don’t turn out as planned « saps què te dic | 31 Març 2011 | Respon

  2. I like it, they did it very well.

    Comentari per india16 | 4 Mai 2010 | Respon

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