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3.en.20 News from Menorca

Dear students,

As promised, I’ve sent you some pictures from Menorca. Now, two questions for you,  let’s see if you can guess where the photos  were taken . Would you say the pics are from  Maó or from  Ciutadella?  Is the beach in the northern coast of the island or in the southern part?

I’ll give you a hint, for those of you who never visited Menorca, the very beautiful house “Can Saura” appears in the photos. Another hint, the coming celebration of San Joan takes place in this city.

As far as the beach… one of your classmates, the one who sits next to  Lukas in the back row, shares the name with this beautiful, unspoiled beach…

Who will be the first one to post the answers to the blog?

I’ll try to send you more pictures tomorrow.

I will also contribute to the final party next Monday with some delicious Menorcan cheese. You are doing pretty well with the organisation arrangements.

Behave! Maybe next year we’ll be able to organize a trip to Menorca  with the whole class. What do you think?

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17 comentaris »

  1. It is Ciutadella in the northern coast.I like soo much the idea to go to Menorca.

    Comentari per llorensete | 13 Juny 2010 | Respon

  2. It’s Ciutadella in the northern coast of Menorca. I like the idea María.

    Comentari per Rodrigo Deus | 13 Juny 2010 | Respon

  3. Ciutadella it´s in the southem. It´s a good idea go to menorca, and I want to go next year.

    Comentari per 1alejandro | 13 Juny 2010 | Respon

  4. Ciutadella is in the southem part and the pictures are from Ciutadella. Yes is a good idea go to Menorca the next year.

    Comentari per xisco1997 | 13 Juny 2010 | Respon

  5. 1)Is in Ciutadella southern part.

    Comentari per 144lala | 10 Juny 2010 | Respon

  6. It’s Ciutadella in the northern part.
    The beach is Cala de Pilar, in Ciutadella.
    I want to go toMenorca this year, but we can’t!

    Comentari per tatidt | 10 Juny 2010 | Respon

  7. Is Ciutadella, in the northern coast.

    Comentari per Pilar | 10 Juny 2010 | Respon

  8. It is Ciutadella. When I was 3 years old, I went to Menorca.

    Comentari per andrea199762 | 10 Juny 2010 | Respon

  9. It is ciutadella, the beach it’s looks like to the ”port des canoge”

    Comentari per 1esoiesramonlull | 10 Juny 2010 | Respon

  10. I like Menorca 🙂 . I like the typical boat too and the typical food ”caldereta de langosta”
    I love the Estrella Damm ad with Menorca 😉


    Comentari per sarabouza12 | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

  11. It is Ciutadella, for sure. Is in easthern coast of the island. The beach could be “Cala Pilar”. This beach is near “S’Alqueria Blanca” in the north coast of Menorca it’s ideal for stay one weekend. I love the idea to go to menorca next year, we’ll have a lot of fun!! I’m volunteer for the organsation arrangement. See you soon! 🙂

    Comentari per mealemany | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

    • Well done!
      More questions and pics of Menorca coming up soon.

      Comentari per mloredo | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

  12. Is Ciutadella, is in the northern coast.
    I like the idea of a trip to Menorca.

    Comentari per juditell | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

  13. Is Ciutadella, the beach is in the northern coast of the island.

    Comentari per india16 | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

  14. It is Ciutadella, in the northern coast. 🙂

    Comentari per peptoni xD | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

  15. . Is Ciutadella, in the southern part.

    Comentari per aina | 8 Juny 2010 | Respon

    • Great, Aina, You’ve answered correctly the first question: It is Ciutadella. As far as the second question, I’m afraid you’ve missed it. Give it another try.

      Comentari per mloredo | 9 Juny 2010 | Respon

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