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Recipe: Sassy Pizza Pants: American Dream

Slice with Tomatoes & Feta, side of ranch & a small coke. Prize:$5.05.                                                                                                                          Dates  to eat this recipe: Mon-Thur & Sat 11-10.
Fri 11-11.
Sun 2-10.

Photo of the food:


Another great deal is splitting a mini 8” pizza for $10.70; they will gladly do two different halves. My friends ordered the Marilyn Monroe: pepperoni, American bacon, green pepper, and fresh tomatoes, split with the Round Up: artichoke hearts, olives, fresh garlic and mushrooms. This pizza with a large side salad, shown below with tomatoes, olives and bacon and sides of ranch and blue cheese, left them really, really full and they still brought home leftovers. I would splurge and get two beers though, because splitting one is really no fun.

Name of the restaurant: Delivery

Hour posted on her blog: 9:30 pm

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Hola, soy Miguel Ángel

Me llamo Miguel Ángel Cabañero Capó. Nací aquí en Mallorca (España). Vengo del Colegio Público Santa Catalina. Mis asignaturas son Conocimiento del Medio, E. Física y Matematicas. La que menos me gustaba era E. Plástica, porque se me daba muy mal dibujar. Vivo con mi madre y mi hermano sólos desde que mis padres se separaron. Mis hobbies preferidos son: el patinaje, el tenis y el fútbol. En fin, esta es mi historia.

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