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A Night for Soup: Alameda Brewhouse

recipe: a night for soup: alameda brewhouse
Price: cup of whisky crab bisque, $3’95
             small side salad,                 $4’95
             Total                                     $8’90
date of the post:  18th october 2009

NE Fremont has a few staple restaurants that every family in the Neighborhood frequents: Amalfi’s, Staniches, McPeets, Alameda Café, Red Fig and then at the end of restaurant row sits Alameda Brew Pub. Growing up only blocks away from these little eateries, I have acquired a standard meal or two at each one. Today we will discuss the Whisky Crab Bisque at the Pub.I don’t know a thing about beer. I like Sessions and Coors Light, but besides that, I’m pretty clueless. I do however know a thing or two about soup and Alameda Brew Pub has the most amazing bisque I’ve ever tried. Note: you will find it under, Homemade Soup of the Day, which is funny considering it’s the soup of the day everyday—stated on the menu as being available 350 days a year. Hmmm, interesting. The tomato based soup is strewn with plump crab meat and spiced with the perfect kick to keep you on your toes; finished off with a sprinkling of chives. The best part of the meal: soaking the warmed French bread into the soup.

I like to pair the bisque with their small side salad, which technically is a large salad, since its served on a large dinner plate. Their homemade blue cheese dressing is a few notches down from Amalfi’s garlicky blue cheese dressing down the street, but still a competitor.

Oh, I hear they make their own beer here too—I’ve just been too busy with my soup to care.


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