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Note taking strategies


Have a look at Xilin’s notebook. What does he do when he takes notes during lessons:

1. Use clear handwriting

2. Write the date 

3. Include Headings

4. Include some drawings and images

Why is it helpful to do these things? Post your comments

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How to organise information in your notebook: Guidelines for Catalan, Spanish and English lessons (2)


  1. Write the date at the top of the page
  2. Start writing in a new page every day
  3. Use both sides of the sheet of paper
  4. Write neatly
  5. Try to use reasonable size handwriting
  6. Don’t be sloppy
  7. Do not use colours for writing
  8. Do not decorate your notes with drawings
  9. You can use highlihters for headings
  10. Use only black or blue pens
  11. Leave red for corrections
  12. Write a heading or a title for each activity
  13. Leave some space between different activities
  14. Leave margins to do revision or to add new information
  15. Repeat the same labels in your notes: vocabulary, dictation, reading, phonetics, spelling, literature, debates.

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Note taking and Notebook guidelines for Catalan, Spanish and English lessons (1)

Things you need to take notes

  • Use D4 punched hole sheets
  • You can buy packets
  • or a hard cover spiral notebook of punched hole sheets

RED33001_1_1ocford_pad_200 punched hole D4 sheets or Spiral notebook of D4-punched hole sheets

  • Use punched holes plastic pockets to keep the handouts the teachers give you, the homework you have to hand in or the homework the teacher gives you back .

Punched hole plastic pockets

  • Use a binder to keep your notes, handouts and works39186157P11404384
  • Use colour dividers to separate the different subjecs
CRD84019_1_1 Dividers to organise subjects in your binder:

  • One for Spanish
  • One for Catalan
  • One for English

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