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2.en.21. 1st ESO E in the media. Encreuats and Optimist sailing championship

Bernat is great as a story teller and also good at playing with words, so his students are learning how to play with words too.

It seems 1st ESO E  students have already published their crosswords in the press. It appeared in the Diario de Mallorca  yesterday, Wednesday the 10th of February! The pictures are not very good, but at least you can see that its not a lie.


Congratulations to Laura Akrich, she is on her way to becoming a famous sailor! Her photo was in the newspaper too.

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2.en.7. Santa Catalina, Jovellanos and Gijón

This is not my first post from the north, in October I sent you some photos from Santander and the beautiful beach of El Sardinero at low tide. These photos are not from Santander but from Asturias. I took them on Chritsmas day in Gijon, my hometown. It does not look like Christmas because the sky is blue and it was a bright sunny day.

You all know that In Palma, there is a neighbourhood called Santa Catalina. Well, in Gijón, my hometown, my favourite place is also called “Cerro de Santa Catalina” which is a park situated at the tip of a peninsula where the old fishing neighbourhood used to be. From the top of that peninsula you can see the coastline, the old fishing port and the long sandy beach of San Lorenzo.

On the 25th , Christmas day, before having lunch with my family,  I went for a walk along the San Lorenzo beach, and then up the hill of Santa Catalina. From the top of the park you can get a nice view of the coastline. It is one of my favourite spots. At the very top, there is a huge concrete sculpture by Chillida, it is called “Elogio del Horizonte” “Praise of the Horizon”. There is a strange echo like effect produced by the sculpture and the roaring sound of the sea that surrounds you. If you stand under the two pillars, you can hear the sea as if it was passing over your head.

A few meters away there is a museum, it is the house where Jovellanos, was born. Gaspar Melchor de Jovellanos (1744 – 1811) was a well known Spanish neoclassical statesman, author, philosopher and main figure of the Enlightenment in Spain.

Now, you must do a bit of research:

What is the relationship between Jovellanos and Palma de Mallorca?

Visit this web site and find out.

Enjoy your holidays and do your homework. So far, only a few have started their posts.

If you discover anything about Jovellanos and Mallorca, post your findings to the blog.

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Yummy news from Molly…. all the way from Portland


New post in Molly’s blog.

Gossip… one of her friends is a “gourmet”

Do you know what a gourmet  is?

If you trusted stereotypes, Americans would not be described as  “gourmets”, but after visiting Molly’s blog you might  change your mind.


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Halloween, Molly’s blog and sick pumpkins

You have already visited Molly’s blog and saw those beautiful pumpkins. I visited the pumpkin patch again and discovered that the pumkins had eaten Western Spaghetti, the recipe  from the post below, and were feeling really sick!!sickpumpkin_in_patch

Visit Molly’s blog…… and find out

Halloween is approaching… and it’s spooky

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Pep Toni’s contribution to traffic lights

Pep Toni is really working hard. He sends us an amazing video showing that traffic lights are not essential to regulate traffic.


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Latest news from Santander and some questions for you



Hello everyone!

As promised, some news from the North. Yesterday, while you were learning about Google earth with Emili, I was flying over your heads.  When I arrived in Santander it was not pouring rain but sunny and very  windy. The beautiful beach of El Sardinero was low tide and empty; we could only see a few surf gliders enjoying  the heavy wind.

I’m learning a lot of things about other schools with European Sections and I want you to learn new things too. Some questions for you to think about. Look at the photographs and investigate a bit. Then, post the answers to the blog.

  • We use compass points for orientation. Is El Sardinero  West or East of the city of Santander? Use Google maps and write the answer in your notebook. Let’s see who is the first one to post the answer to the blog.
  • We are comparing old shops and buildings to new ones. Have you started looking for old barbers shops in Palma? In Santander I haven’t seen any so far but there is an old Casino. How old is it? Does it look similar to the Casino in Palma?
  • Is the beach in the photo low tide or high tide? I’ll try to take some other shots, so you can see the difference. In the Mediterranean there are not  not noticeable tides. but in Santander the differences are noticeable. Why?

I have to go now, study for your exam tomorrow and enjoy the walk around Palma with Bernat. Send me some news. I’ll send you more pictures too.

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Latest news from Portland, Molly’s city

Beer, pizza, music and Portland spirit, all on one bike!! The real party bike.

click on the link if you want to know more. Do you think it is a good idea?



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Is Molly’s city, Portland, a bike-friendly American city?

Today Molly will be with us. Let’s ask her about her city. Xisco has already visited Portland,  thanks

to satellite technology satellitetechnologyand Google maps

Xisco also printed Portland  satellite view for us and it looked  green, didn’t it?

Let’s ask Molly

Does she have a bike?

Watch these videos and try to answer the questions.

What’s a commuter?

Some information about Molly’s city

How many people live in Portland Metropolitan area?

Why can you say that Portland is a green city?

Can you situate Portland in a map of the United States?

Does it look very different from Palma? Why?

Click on satellite technology and look for the most important uses of this technology.

Post your answers to the blog and copy them in your notebook.

Have a nice weekend!!!!!

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El Tribunal Supremo sueco permite a una pareja llamar a su hijo ‘Q’

Unos padres suecos han conseguido, después de dos intentos previos fallidos, que se les reconozca el derecho de llamar a su hijo ‘Q’, gracias a la resolución del Tribunal Supremo Sueco.
Anteriormente, dos juzgados habían desestimado su petición al considerar que la ley prohibía utilizar letras a modo de nombre.
“Es un niño único y pensamos que su nombre también debía serlo” argumentan sus padres. “Lo que dice la Ley es que no deberías tener el mismo nombre que una letra, no que no puedas“.
Finalmente, el Tribunal Supremo les ha dado la razón y la pareja ha podido llamar ‘Q’ a su pequeño. El Supremo dictaminó que “no está probado” que el hecho de llamar así al niño, “supusiera una ofensa”. Además, añadió que “tampoco existe una razón por la que ‘Q’ sea inapropiado como primer nombre”.
El papá se mostró aliviado al conocer la resolución y explicó las razones de su insistencia para conseguir llamar a su hijo de ese modo: “Le hemos llamado ‘Q’ prácticamente desde el primer día. Él escucha el nombre y lo reconoce, de hecho ya puede hasta decirlo.”

Puedes ampliar la noticia, en 20minutos

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El catalán es el octavo idioma del mundo con mayor actividad en los blogs

El director de Linguamón-Casa de las Lenguas, Antoni Mir, en la inauguración del I Simposio Internacional sobre Multilingüismo y Ciberespacio que se celebra en Barcelona los días 29 y 30 de septiembre, ha afirmado hoy que Internet “no volverá a ser nunca más” un territorio exclusivo del inglés porque la red “abre puertas increíbles al multilingüismo”
Según sus datos, el catalán es el octavo idioma del mundo con mayor actividad en los blogs y el decimoquinto en Wikipedia, lo que muestra una presencia en Internet superior al peso demográfico (10 millones de hablantes)

Según estadísticas de Internet World Stats publicadas el año pasado, estos eran los 10 idiomas más usados en Internet:

1. ¿Qué es el multilingüsimo?
2. ¿Crees que el mundo es cada vez más plurilingüe?
3. España es uno de los países europeos que menos habla inglés. ¿Qué opinas?

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