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City life explorers project (1): Old shops and business hunt

collage10On Friday you will go with Bernat for a short walk in the city to learn more about its history. In English we are going to investigate other aspects such as shops and small business.

Shops and small business  tell us a lot about city life and people’s habits. The Beatles are a good starting point to investigate our city, why not?Let’s start with barber shops, as the one that appears in Penny Lane. Look at the images of Penny Lane and  of the Barber cutting the little boy’s hair.

What do these images look like? Tick the appropiate adjective:

  • modern
  • busy
  • old fashioned
  • quiet
  • backward
  • fast
  • sophisticated
  • high-tech

In the next two weeks  you will be  city explorers and your task will be to discover old business and shops and to investigate if life and habits have changed a lot.

FIRST TASK:  explore hairdressers and barber shops:

Are there any old barber shops left in Palma?

What are their logos?

How are they called?

Do women go nowadays to barber shops to have their hair cut?

Do all men go to unisex hairdressers?

What about you? Where do you go to have your hair cut?

What about your parents?

Do you go to a modern hairdresser salon or to an old-fashioned  one?

There are other shops and business other than barbers. Think and keep your eyes open wehen you walk in town.  You can ask your parents and grandparents for help, they might know what to look for. You have 2 weeks, until the 26th of October to search the town.

1. Take photos of your findings

2. Mark in a map the place where the business is situated

3. Write a fact file with information:

Type of business
What does it look like?
Why do people go there?
Interesting features

If possible, interview the owner or one of the people working  there. You can also look for information in the net or in the library.

4. Look for a modern version of the business and compare it to the old one

We’ll give you more instructions on how to present and organise your work, but you can start thinking about it and, above all, keep your eyes wide open when you walk around! Look at this picture. Anything can happen if you are on alert and look at things with different eyes.


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