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3.en.14. Zucchini bread and Molly’s second life as Pocahontas

Today Molly joined us during our visit at the Olivar Market. Did you check whether she bought zucchini? Last Friday she made a delicious zucchini bread and brought it to our class for you to taste.

Thank You Molly!

We already knew she was great at acting. Remember her presentation of BOOK.

Now, latest news……

Our Molly is a reincarnation of Pocahontas, no kidding! Have a look at the video. Do you recognize anyone?

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2.en.6. Theatre terms: prompter and props; apuntador, utilería, atrezo; apuntador, utilleria, attrezzo

It seems you are very enthusiastic about drama, so let’s learn some useful vocabulary for our next production. In our next dramatization, we have to decide who will be responsible for props and also who the prompter will be.



    Theater. a person who is offstage and follows a play in progress from the book, repeating missed cues and supplying actors with forgotten lines.
      an electronic or mechanical device for prompting a speaker or performer.


      • Props:
      • a usually movable item, other than costumes or scenery, used on the set of a theater production, motion picture, etc.; any object handled or used by an actor in a performance.

      how do you say prompter and props in Catalan and Spanish?

      In this page you can find a glossary of the most common theater  terms:

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      2.en.4 . The Love of the Three Oranges.

      Thanks to Bernat’s skills as a story teller and getting inspiration from Majorcan popular stories, Rondalles, in English lessons we tried to  re-tell one of them  making a short sketch ” The love of the three oranges” . We only had one day to prepare it, but the result was great and we had fun, so we might  repeat it again in a more professional way. What do you think? I feel there are good actors and actresses in 1st Year ESO E and your ability to improvise and your imagination to adapt the story was also excellent. Finally, the most important thing was that group work and cooperation   functioned.

      Thanks to Pep Toni’s journalist skills, we can have a look at the recording of part of the sketch. The narrators have lost their heads during the process, but it was just the first time we did it anyway!

      Click Here to visit Pep Toni’s blog and watch the video.

      1st ESO E English version of a traditional Rondalla “The love of the three oranges”


      Lukas Berrocal as the brave rapper Prince.

      Lovepreet and Àngel as narrators

      Miquel Angel as the powerful king

      Claudia, Sara and Judit as the three pretty girls

      Xisco as the handsome doctor

      Jose Luis as the orange tree

      Andrea as the old woman

      Tatiana as the evil servant

      Rodrigo; Lorenç and Pep Toni as the three giants.

      Prompts and  special effects : 1st ESO E

      Soundtrack: The 12 days of Christmas. Score: Paquita Virseda.

      Enthusiastic audience: 1st ESO E students.

      Guests: Emili, Bernat, Paquita and Bernat’s students,

      We would like to thank  Bernat’s students for acting as jury in our Christmas Carol contest and for their wise verdict.

      We would also like to thank Diana, who gave us an extra hour to rehearse.

      Video camera: Pep Toni

      Post comments on the activity and suggestions to the blog.

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      2.en.2. Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind. Shine, shone, shone./ʃaɪn//ʃoʊn//ʃoʊn/

      Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind.

      Characters: Wind (magenta); Sun (orange); Man (black); Narrator (blue)

      The sun and the wind were talking one day and the wind said :

      – I bet I am stronger than you!

      And the sun said:

      – Oh yea? how are you going to prove it?

      And the wind said:

      Let’s have a contest. You see that man down there? We’ll have a race. Whoever can make him take his coat off first, that shall be the winner

      And the sun said:

      All right. We can do that and you go first

      So the wind started to blow and blow and blow.And the man said:

      -It’s getting colder. I have to button up my coat

      And the wind saw that the man was buttoning up his coat and blew harder and harder and blew the man hat’s up. And the man said:

      -It’s getting colder and colder. I’ll have to button up my coat even further

      The wind blew the hardest he could. And the man said:

      -Oh, I’m freezing. I’m going to buttom up my coat all the way and put my hands on my pockets

      And then the wind said:

      -I give up. Nobody can get his coat off. You go ahead you try

      And the sun said

      -All right, I will.

      And the sun came up from behind the clouds and shone down on the man.And the man said:

      -Oh, I’m feeling warmer. How nice is getting now.

      and the sun shone even brighter and warmer on the man

      and the man said:

      -Oh it’s so nice I’m going to unbutton my coat

      and the sun shone the brightest he’d ever had and the warmest he’d ever had.

      And the man said:

      -I feel so warm and wanderful I’m going to take my coat off, I’m even going to go for a walk on the beach

      and the wind said:

      -How did you do that? I tried everything and couldn’t get him to to take it off.

      – That’s because you tried to force him to take it off. I was nice and asked him to.

      And the moral is :

      “Be gentle and kind and good things you will find “

      First, listen to the video. Then,  choose a character and practice reading its part aloud.

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