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Castígate 2

He obert un nou blog, amb el nom Castígate 2, on podeu pujar les notícies, comentaris i idees que no tenguin que veure directament amb la feina del curs. És un espai perquè vosaltres pogueu practicar les vostres capacitats periodístiques i millorar la vostra expressió escrita en anglès i català.
Pot participar qualsevol alumne del curs, sense límits ni obligacions. Només us demanam que sigueu respectuosos en el fons i correctes en la forma.
Com tots els blogs, té administradors encarregats de revisar que s’acompleixen les normes. En aquests cas, sereu vosaltres. Cada mes hi haurà un equip de tres administradors. Aquest primer mes de novembre, són Pep Toni, Lovepreet i Àngel Blanch: heu d’estar pendents del què es publica i en contacte entre vosaltres per comentar i si cal decidir canvis, rectificacions…
He donat d’alta al nou bloc uns quants alumnes perquè pogeu publicar les vostres entrades, però no tots. És feina dels 3 administradors completar aquesta feina. Els que no estau registrats us heu de posar en contacte amb un d’ells.
Com he aclarit al principi, aquest nou bloc és en principi bilingüe: heu d’escriure en català o anglès.


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First results of “old shops hunt”: Pep Toni’s contribution


Pep Toni is the first one to send photos of his “old shops hunt “. Congratulations! this is just a sample of his contribution. I have a sweet tooth, so I instantly recognised Can Frasquet.

Do you know what a “sweet tooth” is?

Does anybody else in the class have a “sweet tooth” too?

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City life explorers project (1): Old shops and business hunt

collage10On Friday you will go with Bernat for a short walk in the city to learn more about its history. In English we are going to investigate other aspects such as shops and small business.

Shops and small business  tell us a lot about city life and people’s habits. The Beatles are a good starting point to investigate our city, why not?Let’s start with barber shops, as the one that appears in Penny Lane. Look at the images of Penny Lane and  of the Barber cutting the little boy’s hair.

What do these images look like? Tick the appropiate adjective:

  • modern
  • busy
  • old fashioned
  • quiet
  • backward
  • fast
  • sophisticated
  • high-tech

In the next two weeks  you will be  city explorers and your task will be to discover old business and shops and to investigate if life and habits have changed a lot.

FIRST TASK:  explore hairdressers and barber shops:

Are there any old barber shops left in Palma?

What are their logos?

How are they called?

Do women go nowadays to barber shops to have their hair cut?

Do all men go to unisex hairdressers?

What about you? Where do you go to have your hair cut?

What about your parents?

Do you go to a modern hairdresser salon or to an old-fashioned  one?

There are other shops and business other than barbers. Think and keep your eyes open wehen you walk in town.  You can ask your parents and grandparents for help, they might know what to look for. You have 2 weeks, until the 26th of October to search the town.

1. Take photos of your findings

2. Mark in a map the place where the business is situated

3. Write a fact file with information:

Type of business
What does it look like?
Why do people go there?
Interesting features

If possible, interview the owner or one of the people working  there. You can also look for information in the net or in the library.

4. Look for a modern version of the business and compare it to the old one

We’ll give you more instructions on how to present and organise your work, but you can start thinking about it and, above all, keep your eyes wide open when you walk around! Look at this picture. Anything can happen if you are on alert and look at things with different eyes.


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Some acrostics misteriously disappeared from the announcement board……. where did they go?

Names hide unexpected things. You are investigating  names in Spanish lessons.  In English lessons, from  our acrostics

we  Alcaldelearn  interesting things about our classmates.

Who is a lucky kid?

Who is good at cooking?

Who likes laptops?

Who rocks radically in a gallaxy?

Who is an energetic locomotive?lukas

Who plays drums at night?Philine

PilarJose Luis

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Laura on Katherine

Her name is Katherine,she has got two brothers, she likes music and not very much sport.
She lives in Palma,she is  from Ecuador,her favorite shops are Breska and Stradivarius.
Her favorite food is pizza,her brithay is 9th Septembr.she hasn’t  got a boyfiend.
her email isXXXXXXXXXX.

Katherine is  honest and a very nervous person. She likes basket, she likes pop music and music in English.
Her best group is “Panic! . ” She loves drawing, she has three best friends. They  are Margalida,Nuria and Laura.
Her favorite subjets are maths and technology.She doesn’t do  sport, her favorite colour is red.

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Jilin on Alba and on the Lion’s cage

My teacher name’s Alba Mayans.She is fifteen years old.She was born in Palma.Her birthday is the 8th of November .She has an older sister and a dog.She likes sports and her favourite sport is basketball.Her favourite subject is English.I would like to do more joint activities.


Chaplin entered in a cage.When he turned his head ,saw a lion who was sleeping and was very scared and wanted to escape but the door of the cage was closed.He asked help to a woman who went next to the cage.She was fainted when saw him .Chaplin poured water to wake him up.The woman woke up and the lion also.The lion did not gave much importance and went to sleep again.The woman opened the door of the cage and Chaplin went out quickly.

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Sara on Simona and on the Circus



She was born in Bulgaria on 21st of February in 1994. She is 15 years old and hasn’t got any brothers or sisters. Her favourite subject is English and her favourite shop is Bershka. She has got a boyfriend. Her messenger is XXXXXXXXXXXX.


Chaplin was in the cage with a lion. He was scared.A woman appeared  and fainted. The lion got up but returned to sleep. Finally the woman got up and opened the door.


  1. I enjoyed the activity 5
  2. I learnt a lot 5
  3. I liked my new teachers 5
  4. I communicated in English most of the time 5
  5. They spoke good English 5
  6. They know much more English than me 5
  7. I learnt new things  and vocabulary to talk about Chaplin’s films 5
  8. I learnt new things about my teachers’ biography 5
  9. I found out interesting facts about their  lives 5
  10. I t was the first time I met them 5
  11. I would like to talk to them again 5
  12. I would like to do more joint activities 5

five (5)= I totally agree

One (1) =I totally disagree

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Philline on Ariadna and on Modern Times

– Philline Vicente –

Ariadna is 15 years old, she was born in July 4 of 1994, she studies in Ramon Llull 4 ESO and she lives in Palma.

She hasn’t got any brothers or sisters,  she hasn’t got Any boyfriend,and any pets
and she likes all Shops.
Her favourite subject is: Biology
Her hobbies are: Dancing and  skating.
She is blond, not very tall and she has love handles
She is a good person and so funny
I like to repeat this activity again!!!!!!!!!

Chaplin is the responsible for the nuts in the factory.When his finishes his turn he cannot stop and he looks crazy
When he sees a woman with buttons in the dress he pursues her but he stops when he saw a (boca de agua?) and suddenly he saw another woman with a button dress  and he starts to pursue her. The woman starts to run and she talks with a policeman and tells him that  a strange man  pursues her.

When the police saw Chaplin he starts tu pursue Chaplin and Chaplin he stars to run!
In the End of the video the doctor said to chaplin: ”Take it easy and avoid excitement”

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Pep Toni and Guillem on Sonia and Alicia. Film Summary and assessment

Description of teachers

The names of the teachers we have had are Sonia Mena and alicia Muscat.

Sonia: Sonia is 14, she has an older sister, she went to C.P Santa Catalina she doesn’t like doing sports, her birthday is the 5th of November, she hasn’t got any pets or any boyfriend, she’s from Spain and lives in Palma with her parents and her sister, her favourite things are: favourite subject is: art, favourite shop is: dess, favourite food is pasta. Sonia best friends are: Alba, Clara, Alicia, Ana…

Alicia: Alicia is 15, she went to C.P Son Espanyolet she doesn’t like, or pets, she’s from Spain she lives with her mother and the boyfriend. Her favourite things are: favourite subject is: maths, favourite shop is Bershka, favourite food pasta. Alicia’s friends are: Ana, Laura, Monic, Mª Jose, Sonia…

Film summary

It’s very funny film “the circus”.

Chaplin had many difficult with animals the donkey, lion, tiger and dog because they were very dangerous animals.

Chaplin enter in the cage,He try open inside the cage but he can’t.

Help! Help! try to exit by the small door, but, he find a tiger!!

The woman founds Chaplin. The lion wakes up and Chaplin does not move because the lion was very near.

Joint activity for different level


I enjoyed the activity



I learnt a lot



I liked my new teachers



I communicated in English most of the time



They spoke good English



They know much more English than me



I learnt new things  and vocabulary to talk about Chaplin’s films



I learnt new things about my teachers’ biography



I found out interesting facts about their  lives



It was the first time I met them



I would like to talk to them again



I would like to do more joint activities


five (5)= I totally agree

One (1) =I totally disagree

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