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2.en.39 A digital way of telling old stories: What do Christians celebrate at Christmas?

Let’s see what you think of the digital story of nativity a teacher from the English departmente sent us as a Christmas card.

What are the new new technological tools that appear in this digital story of nativity?

did you like the video?

Happy Christmas!


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3.en.16. Molly’s last week at the Ramon Llull.

Molly, our great assistant teacher is leaving  but we shall not forget her. Last week  students prepared great surprise parties for her. Here follow some samples of what happened inside the classes.

4th ESO B students brought excellent food, decorated the class, prepared a fill in the gaps exercise for her and recorded a video to wish her goodbye.

1st ESO E students decorated the class with balloons, made flags with Molly’s photo, put up a big poster on the wall and projected a great power point presentation telling her how much they had enjoyed her lessons and her company on Fridays.

Here follow some photos showing the class decoration and the power point the students prepared for her


Listen to the video recorded by 4th year ESO students. let’s see if you can understand what they say. Every student from 1st ESO E has to contribute. Do not repeat sentences. In order to post your comments you must read the  previous comments made by your classmates. Post  your answers to the blog.

Deadline, next Friday4th June

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2.en.18. Senegal: facts, images and questions

On Monday, Carmen, the  Ramon Llull librarian, who is also an English teacher, will be our guest. She spent more than a week last Christmas in Senegal and she will come to our class to tell us about it. She will give us a different point of view from the one we get from books and in the internet.  In a bit more than a week, we’ll go on an outing to La Caixa, to see “Taranga” a Senegalese group. Carmen’s narration of her trip will contribute to our understanding of the country. This power point contains  images and information that will help Carmen explain her experience in  Senegal. You can look at it, and prepare some questions for her.

Did you like it?

Did you find it helpful?

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2.en.14. Our work is never over. News from 1eso E bloggers from the gossip fairy

As you know, our work is never over, is not just a line from a song by Daft Punk, but something that is true; when learning a language, you never get to  know everything. I have visited your blogs over the weekend and I learnt a lot of things. So, here follows gossip about our bloggers and some questions for everyone. This is a gossip section in ENGLISH, so your answers must be in English.

  1. Aina is a GOB activist, she stands up for  environmental issues. What did they protest against?
  2. Sara loves dancing. I’ll ask her to do a demostration for us. What kind of dance did she post? Have you already voted in her survey section? I cannot do it, I’m a teacher.
  3. Gabriel makes a list of his favourite songs; amazingly some bands from the 70’s are among his favourites. I will follow his suggestions and use Daft Punk to teach you comparatives. What is the song in the first position of his ranking?
  4. Lukas is on his way to become our 1st ESO E “Gordie”, he announces he’ll write a story in his blog…  but has not started so far! What are the genres he suggests?
  5. Guillem, gives us instructions on how to become a Ninja! Nothing violent and rather humourous. Part of the training includes catching objects with chopsticks. Watch the video and let’s see if you can think of any other instructions?
  6. Claudia helps us to see a nice view of Palma without moving from home. Which part of Palma can you see?
  7. Xisco never forgets his training sessions. Which sport does he play?
  8. Judith is a technoaholic and keeps us informed of the latest gadgets. Which gadget is it?
  9. Tatiana is a bit behind on her  series “School Ties”. When was her last post?
  10. Jilin is interested in Astrology. What is the name of a huge planet with rings?
  11. Lovepreet and Miguel Angel know a lot about perfumes, can you guess why?
  12. Pep Toni’s blog is so full of interesting information that I do not know what to choose. Thanks to it, I learnt that there had been an earthquake in Palma. Did you notice it? I didn’t. I was fast asleep.

Here follows Gabriel’s suggestion. It’s great to learn how to compare things in English and to give orders too.

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

Work It
Make It
Do It
Makes Us
More Than
Work is
Over [x2]

Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over

Homework: answer the 12 questions and post your answers to the blog.

Extra work on comparatives. If you are not sure about your ability to compare things, you can watch this video and do these on line exercises:

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2.en.7. From books to Films: “Island for sale” and “Stand by me”. Some useful language to talk about films. Films (1)Homework for Tuesday the 19th January

Hi, everyone.

This is my first post this year after a long break during Christmas holidays. This term we set off reading a book about an island, a Scottish island, and we learnt some important aspects that we must include in a book review:

Author, publisher, genre, setting, narrator, characters, plot.

From books, we’ll move to films. We have already talked about movies, haven’t we? Molly told you the other day about a stop-motion film she saw during Christmas, do you remember? could you tell me what a stop-motion movie is? Give some examples. What is the difference with a cartoon? you also prepared some questions to ask Molly about her favourite films.

Emili has already uploaded   a film “Stand By Me” that has to do with the topic of this term: family and relationships. In the first term we looked at the physical environment around us: our city and our school. This second term we shall concentrate on the relations we establish with our family, with our friends and with the people around. In English we’ll learn to talk about people and their personality, we’ll also learn to talk about and to describe feelings, we’ll use films to illustrate conflicts and different attitudes towards family life and friendship. We hope you’ll enjoy the film and learn a lot doing all the activities.

In English you have to prepare a short summary of a film for Tuesday, and we’ll also look at some parts of “stand  by me” in its English original version,   once you’ve seen it in Spanish. In this post you will learn some vocabulary that will help you analyse and talk about films as real professional reviewers.

Here follow some useful words to talk about films. Check the ones you know and copy them in your notebook. then try to fill the gaps of the texts using the words in the box. This activity must be done for Tuesday. You do not need to copy the text in your notebook. Just  the vocabulary and the answers next to the numbers. Remember to write the summary of the film of your  choice. We’ll do “Stand by me” together.

1 action









11. extra



14. plot

15. projector





20. setting



Parts of the Movie:

The place or time a movie takes place is called the (1)_________________. What happens in a movie is called the (2)_____________. A movie is usually broken up into many(3) _________________.  The movie is filmed with a(4)________________.

People in Movies:

The people who act in the movie are (5)_________________. A (6)_______________ is a part that an actor plays. The main actor is sometimes called the (7)____________________. When a famous person has a short appearance in a film it is called a (8)___________________. An (9)______________ is an unimportant person who acts in the background. A(10) ________________ is a person who watches movies and writes reviews about them.

Movie Genres:

The type of movie is the movie (11)_________________. A movie that makes you laugh is a (12)___________________. A movie that makes you scream is a (13)___________________. A movie that is exciting with lots of guns and explosions is an(14) ______________ movie. Movies about the future or space are known as (15)__________________ films. And a movie about real life is a (16)_______________________. An(17) __________________ film has cartoon characters.


Movies with big budgets that sell a lot of tickets are called (18)______________________. Many of these movies do so well that movie producers make a (19)_______________, or part II.

At the Theater:

The place where you watch a movie is called a (20)_________________. To see a movie, usually, you have to buy a (21)__________________. The movie is projected onto a large (22)_______________ using a movie (23)_________________. An (24)__________________ is a person who shows you to your seat and makes sure everybody is quiet during the movie

This activity is from an excellent site

© 2005

if you want to download the document to do the activity on a word document a keep it you can visit the site

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2.en.4 . The Love of the Three Oranges.

Thanks to Bernat’s skills as a story teller and getting inspiration from Majorcan popular stories, Rondalles, in English lessons we tried to  re-tell one of them  making a short sketch ” The love of the three oranges” . We only had one day to prepare it, but the result was great and we had fun, so we might  repeat it again in a more professional way. What do you think? I feel there are good actors and actresses in 1st Year ESO E and your ability to improvise and your imagination to adapt the story was also excellent. Finally, the most important thing was that group work and cooperation   functioned.

Thanks to Pep Toni’s journalist skills, we can have a look at the recording of part of the sketch. The narrators have lost their heads during the process, but it was just the first time we did it anyway!

Click Here to visit Pep Toni’s blog and watch the video.

1st ESO E English version of a traditional Rondalla “The love of the three oranges”


Lukas Berrocal as the brave rapper Prince.

Lovepreet and Àngel as narrators

Miquel Angel as the powerful king

Claudia, Sara and Judit as the three pretty girls

Xisco as the handsome doctor

Jose Luis as the orange tree

Andrea as the old woman

Tatiana as the evil servant

Rodrigo; Lorenç and Pep Toni as the three giants.

Prompts and  special effects : 1st ESO E

Soundtrack: The 12 days of Christmas. Score: Paquita Virseda.

Enthusiastic audience: 1st ESO E students.

Guests: Emili, Bernat, Paquita and Bernat’s students,

We would like to thank  Bernat’s students for acting as jury in our Christmas Carol contest and for their wise verdict.

We would also like to thank Diana, who gave us an extra hour to rehearse.

Video camera: Pep Toni

Post comments on the activity and suggestions to the blog.

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2.en.2. Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind. Shine, shone, shone./ʃaɪn//ʃoʊn//ʃoʊn/

Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind.

Characters: Wind (magenta); Sun (orange); Man (black); Narrator (blue)

The sun and the wind were talking one day and the wind said :

– I bet I am stronger than you!

And the sun said:

– Oh yea? how are you going to prove it?

And the wind said:

Let’s have a contest. You see that man down there? We’ll have a race. Whoever can make him take his coat off first, that shall be the winner

And the sun said:

All right. We can do that and you go first

So the wind started to blow and blow and blow.And the man said:

-It’s getting colder. I have to button up my coat

And the wind saw that the man was buttoning up his coat and blew harder and harder and blew the man hat’s up. And the man said:

-It’s getting colder and colder. I’ll have to button up my coat even further

The wind blew the hardest he could. And the man said:

-Oh, I’m freezing. I’m going to buttom up my coat all the way and put my hands on my pockets

And then the wind said:

-I give up. Nobody can get his coat off. You go ahead you try

And the sun said

-All right, I will.

And the sun came up from behind the clouds and shone down on the man.And the man said:

-Oh, I’m feeling warmer. How nice is getting now.

and the sun shone even brighter and warmer on the man

and the man said:

-Oh it’s so nice I’m going to unbutton my coat

and the sun shone the brightest he’d ever had and the warmest he’d ever had.

And the man said:

-I feel so warm and wanderful I’m going to take my coat off, I’m even going to go for a walk on the beach

and the wind said:

-How did you do that? I tried everything and couldn’t get him to to take it off.

– That’s because you tried to force him to take it off. I was nice and asked him to.

And the moral is :

“Be gentle and kind and good things you will find “

First, listen to the video. Then,  choose a character and practice reading its part aloud.

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Molly’s version of the twelve days of Christmas: carols, villancicos, nadales . Cardinal and ordinal numbers

Today, Molly will say goodbye to us until next year. This is the reason for anticipating Christmas celebration a bit. Se has written, as a  farewell  present, a very nice version of a traditional Christmas carol. Next week, while she’ll be knitting her magenta scarf with Kitty Jo,  her grandmother, we’ll be trying to make our own versions of the twelve days of Christmas too and we’ll publish them in the blog. Molly will  be able to see what we are doing. Listen to Molly explaining and sing along, you will have to look for images to illustrate your carol too. Let’s see what comes out of it.

This is the traditional carol.

As you might have noticed, the song follows a repetitive pattern, and it is not very difficult to make up a similar one. You just need to make  a list of 12 things. Molly made her version with 12 knitting  and needle work items. First she thought of a person, and her grandmother, Kitty Jo, came to her mind. Then, she thought of things her grandmother would give to her. She is very good at knitting, so all kind of equipment entered the song. Finally, she thought of her sewing experience at Modanostra, and that was the end of the list.

Look at the images and try to identify what they are.

Now read Molly’s version

On the first day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: a sewing machine.

On the second day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: two pairs of scissors, and a sewing machine.

On the third day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: three tape measures, two pairs of scissors, and a sewing machine.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: four cable makers….

On the fifth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: five row counters….

On the sixth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: six safety pins….

On the seventh day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: seven pairs of needles….

One the eighth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: eight thread bobbins….

On the ninth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: nine balls of yarn….

On the tenth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: ten different fabrics….

One the eleventh day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: eleven stitch markers….

On the twelfth day of Christmas, my Grandma gave to me: twelve clothes patterns………………and a sewing machine!

In Science lessons, we have been using numbers a lot, here follow two pages where you can go if you are not sure how to write or use  numbers.

Cardinal numbers:

Ordinal numbers

Finally,  to help your inspiration, you can have a look at another version of the carol, this time instead of  sewing machines or  partridges on a pear trees, you can enjoy Shreck’s version  full of fire breathing dragons, exploding birds, mirrors cracking, onion rings and …

This screen capture of a karaoke video might help you with the lyrics:

Now, it is your turn to produce yours. Good luck! and remember to sing. You might want to use this rhyming dictionary to help you:


HOMEWORK: Use the models in this post to produce your own version of the traditional carol. Look for illustrations or make your own drawings. You must finish it for next Friday. Present your work in an A4 sheet. Do it neatly. Your work will be displayed for everyone to see it. The 3 best ones will get a prize.

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Music to go with Bernat’s broken glasses: Break, broke, broken

Bernat really knows how to make your imagination take off!

Well here comes some music that fits with the topic of your Catalan assignment, I could have chosen others but I decided to pick this one “walking on broken glass” because,  as in Bernat’s composition, in this song there are windows, and broken glasses, and broken hearts too.

The chorus of this song by Annie Lennox is quite catchy and easy to sing. It was a hit in the 90’s and, I’m sure it will help you remember the past participle of the verb  to break. BREAK, BROKE, BROKEN

Music helps, doesn’t it? Everyone  in 1st ESO E knows “gone” is the past particple of the verb go, thanks to Black Eyed Peas. Go, went, gone

Annie Lennox, received in 2009 the “ WOMEN OF THE YEAR PEACE AWARD” for raising awareness of the impact of HIV and AIDS on women and children, especially in South Africa. She was very popular in the 80’s and 90’s. Now she keeps on singing and supporting humanitarian actions with her songs.  You can visit her “sing” campaing site here:

Listen to the music and fill in the gaps in the son to get the lyrics.  This you tube video uses some clips from a film version  of Romeo and Juliet.

sun,    sky,     rain,     sugar,      crashed     , wind, cut, windows, hurt (x2),blast, broken(X13)

Walking on, walking on (1) _______ glass
Walking on, walking on (2)______ glass


You were the sweetest thing that I ever knew
But I don’t care for (3)____, honey, if I can’t have you
Since you’ve abandoned me
My whole life has (4)________
Won’t you pick the pieces up
‘Cause it feels just like I’m walking on (5)_______ glassWalking on, walking on (6)_______glass
Walking on, walking on (7)_______glass

The sun’s still shining in the deep blue
(8)_______ but it don’t mean nothing to me
Oh, let the(9)_______ come down
Let the (10)_______ blow through me
I’m living in an empty room
With all the (11)_______smashed
And I’ve got so little left to lose
That it feels just like I’m walking on (12)_______ glass

Walking on, walking on (13)_______glass
And if you’re trying to (14)_______  me down
You know that I might bleed
‘Cause if you’re trying to (15)_______ me down
I know that you’ll succeed
And if you want to(16) _______ me
There’s nothing left to fear
Cause if you want to ( 17)_______ me
You’re doing really well my dear

Now everyone of us is made to suffer
Everyone of us is made to weep
But we’ve been hurting one another
And now the pain has too deep . . .
So take me from the wreckage
Save me from the (18)_______
Lift me up and take me back
Don’t let me keep on walking . . .
I can’t keep on walking on, I can’t keep on walking on (19)_______ glass

Walking on, walking on(20)_______ glass
Walking on, walking on(21) _______ glass
Walking on, walking on (22)_______ glass … walking on glass, walking on glass
Walking on, walking on (23)_______ glass … walking on glass, walking on glass
Walking on, walking on (24)_______ glass … walking on glass . . .


Homework: for Thursday. Look up the words you do not understand in a dictionary and post your findings to the blog.


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Students from the US talk about their science blog

There are student bloggers all over the world. Some, as these from Ms Baker’s Biology class, are really proud of their blog. Listen to them.

Maybe we could send them a mail, their site is really good and they seem really enthusiastic. Are you as proud of Castígate and Castígate 2 as they are?

Homework: for Monday

1. Write two good things the students say about the blog

2. There is a boy who uses a metaphor, he says before he started blogging in Mrs Baker’s blog he was a fish in a tiny fish bowl.  What changed after Mrs Baker started her blog?  He was a fish in….

Can you explain the metaphor?

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