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2.en.1. How to use the blog next year: normes, normas, rules
Note taking and Notebook guidelines for Catalan, Spanish and English lessons (1)
How to organise information in your notebook: Guidelines for Catalan, Spanish and English lessons (2)
Cómo no escribir comentarios
Cómo consultar el blog sin estresarse
Cómo mostrar una foto tuya en los comentarios o en los posts
Note taking strategies
Post 74 Some hints to improve your oral presentation skills
Carril bici
Llum a la Seu
Baluard, Balu-art
Bellesa abstracta
Escala de valors
Per què no he tret un 10 a l’examen de català?
Al-zebra, no álgebra
Periòdic del dia 10
El pont = “puenting”?
Tres mesos com avui
Primers dies d’octubre
Xavi Torres, tot un exemple
La ciutat humida
Qüestions sobre els logotips de cotxes
Acròstic de Chaplin
Logotip de cotxes

12th to 23rd October Weekly summary (5)
5th /9th October English weekly summary (4)
28 September/2 October English weekly summary (3)
September 21/25 English weekly summary (2)
September 14/18 English weekly summary (1)

3.en.19. On line materials for revision. Grammar, readings, listening and

pronunciation practice.

3.en.18. Armin’s lesson

3.en. 17. Take a stand against bullies, Take the pledge, Take action

3.en.16. Molly’s last week at the Ramon Llull.

3.en.15 Students power point presentations on the Olivar Market outing

3.en.14. Zucchini bread and Molly’s second life as Pocahontas

3.en.13. Paella is famous all over the world, but so is 1st ESO E from the Ramon Llull

3.en.12. Molly is certainly great, isn’t she?

3.en.11. Fun Food poems

3.en.10Daryl and Jilin at La Caixa. Congratulations!

3.en.9.Recipe: paella directly from the hands of the English department

3.en.8. Dossier for the outing. Interviewing. A famous food market in Barcelona

3.en.7. It’s raining cats and dogs, so let’s do some on line pronunciation practice

3.en.6. Idioms with food and posters

3.en.5. actors and actresses, food and poems: Andrea, Jilin and Daryl

3.en.4. Too many cooks spoil the broth?.. not really

3.en.3. Books, libraries, librarians and readaholics. Homework: 3 posts for Friday 30th April

3.en 2. Food for thought: we are what we eat.

3.en 1 “Book” the ultimate high-tech gadget

2.en.35 Sóller outing: Some examples of your work

2.en.34. 22nd March Outing to Sóller

2.en.33 Groups and tasks

2.en.32. Sóller outing. Objectives

2.en.31 “English tea”, “Moroccan mint tea”, outing and homework

2.en.30 Banyalbufar, malmsey and Shakespeare

2.en.29. Outing to Banyalbufar

2.en.28. Taranga and stereotypes.

2.en.27. How to pronounce Penélope Cruz as a real American. Films (3)

2.en.26. Template for “Families around the world project”. Objectives of the project

2.en.25. Poetry for the weekend: Ogden Nash “Ode to the Llama”

2.en.24. Pronunciation: Homophones and jokes
2.en.23. Pronunciation. Homographs (row, wind, live, do)
2.en.22. The Oscars are approaching! writing about films (3)
2.en.21. 1st ESO E in the media. Encreuats and Optimist sailing championship
2.en.20. Carmen writes back
2.en.19. Families: on line exercises to help you talk about your family and other people’s families too
2.en.18. Senegal: facts, images and questions
2.en.17.Summary: (11th January to 5th february)
2.en.16 Pronunciation: how to understand and pronounce names of places in English. Homework
2.en.15. February outing to La Caixa: Folklore, Griots, storytelling and Senegal. Homework
2.en.14. Our work is never over. News from 1eso E bloggers from the gossip fairy
2.en.13 Some adjectives to describe personality
2.en.12. More great books, films and music coming to our blog! “Where the Wild things are” music: The Arcade Fire
2.en.11 Describing people (1). Looks: useful language and structures to talk about people’s appearance
2.en.10 Are you ready to talk about the film you saw during Christmas?

2.en.9. Two versions of the song that gives the movie its name “stand by me”
2.en.8. Stand, stood, stood and some idiomatic expressions with the verb to stand
2.en.7. From books to Films: “Island for sale” and “Stand by me”. Some useful language to talk about films. Homework for Tuesday the 19th January
2.en.6. Theatre terms: prompter and props (21/12/09)
2.en.5. Your 12 days of Christmas versions and contest results (19/12/09)
2.en.4 . The Love of the Three Oranges. (19/12/09)
2.en.3. On line resources to review and consolidate basic contents of this year syllabus. (17/12/09)
2.en.2. The northwind and the sun (15/12/09)
2.en.1. Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind. (15/Dec/09)
Post 75 Images to help you remember what we did in our lessons
Post 74  See : Normes, pautes, instruccions i avisos
Post 73 Computer literacy: Most of you are about as old as Google, hadn’t you thought of it?
Post 72 Use the Internet to do your homework, check before answering
Post 71 Walls, poems and metaphors
Post 70 Taste and flavours. (a bit of help in English for your Spanish homework)
Post 69 Words: scrapes, skyscrapers, cities and wounds.
Post 68 stress and spelling make a difference!
Post 67 Instructions for doing Friday’s homework
Post 66 Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day. Handel music and English words to celebrate the patron saint of musicians

Post 65 Some photos from today’s outing
Post 64 What’s the relationship between tecnology and people?
Post 63 “Better late than never”: jokes for the late weekend.
Post 62 Some images and questions to view and review what we did last Friday
Post 61Yummy news from Molly…. all the way from Portland
Post 60 Some more ideas…. this time to keep the city clean
Post 59 Escalator or stairs? The theory of fun
Post 58 Make interesting, brainy comments on the blog: unpack your adjectives
Post 57 Our blog is growing, Ivan, your new Science teacher has joined in.
Post 56 Elevator Music: awareness of others
Post 55 The streets of Palma through the eyes of a tourist (2): Listening exercise question race
Post 54 The streets of Palma through the eyes of a tourist (1): Listening exercise
Post 53 Excuse me……. can you tell me the way to……? Giving directions

Post 52 Pomegranate, magrana, granada, the ultimate all in one device
Post 51 Jokes, acudits, chistes for the weekend: robots contribution to climate change
Post 50 Scary stories and English Halloween homework
Post 49 Halloween, Molly’s blog and sick pumpkins
Post 48 Chaplin’s spaghetti…. some years after
Post 47 qustion marks and Black Eyed Peas
Post 46 Street Signs running away
Post 45 Rudy, Rodrigo, basket, rap, English and blind dates
Post 44 Computer literacy: Browsers
Post 43 jokes, acudits, chistes for the weekend
Post 42 Go, went, gone…… rap song and slang
Post 41 From wall to wall
Post 40 Walls, muros, murs, murs, Mauern…what are they good for?
Post 39 A new teacher is joining us in the blogosphere. Guess who?
Post 38 Molly is in the blogosphere!
A new debate for 1eso E city explorers: girls take over traffic lights
semàfors, semáforos, Ampeln traffic lights and their green and red little men
Latest news from Santander and some questions for you
City life explorers project (1): Old shops and business hunt
City music from Liverpool: road, street, avenue, boulevard, alley, lane, Penny Lane.
Vocabulary Matching exercise (1)
City life on-line activities (1)
“puenting”= bungee jumping / “footing”= jogging
Is Molly’s city, Portland, a bike-friendly American city?
quòrum, quórum, quorum. Differences?
tap, tap, tapping in the rain, Clip, clip, clip……Xof,xof, xof
gurgle, clapoteig, borboteo
Tongue twisters
Saying: last week it rained cats and dogs
Word of the day: run….run…. run…. what are Jilin, Tatiana, Sara, Marta, Lukas, Rodrigo, Andrea and Judith going to do?
Acrostics. We are still waiting for the acrostics with your names….
pro⋅nun⋅ci⋅a⋅tion  /prəˌnʌnsiˈeɪʃən/
Word of the day: love handles. The famous “love handles Man ” on his bike
A cycling friendly city La música de los animales Resumen (11 de enero a 5 de febrero)
Castellano: resumen de la semana (2)
Castellano: resumen de la semana (1) Microrrelatos El príncipe de la niebla: referencias La tesis de Nancy Figuras del lenguaje Cuenta conmigo Ejercicios de ortografía (2): diptongos Los hermanos Lumière Ejercicios de ortografía (1)
La vida es sueño: cuestionario
Calderón y el Siglo de Oro
La vida es sueño
Sin palabras
Público y privado
Crucifijos y velos en colegios públicos
El español se convierte en la segunda lengua más hablada del mundo
¿Comeremos cerdos sin dolor? (encuesta)
Dieta carnívora, industria cárnica y cambio climático
Jack Skellington
Halloween y ortografía: concurso
Don Juan Tenorio (2)
Y pollos en casa
Earthlings (Terrícolas)
Delfines en Dinamarca
Don Juan Tenorio
Vivir en los pronombres (Pedro Salinas)
Venezuela y República Dominicana, los países con nombres más curiosos
El Tribunal Supremo sueco permite a una pareja llamar a su hijo ‘Q’
¿Cómo te llamas?
Los días de la semana
Los días de la semana
Don Quijote en spanglish
La correguda de Buyola

Musique du Sénégal
Quin ritme
Música de Sergei Prokofiev “L’amor de les tres taronges”
Escaleras mecánicas
Santa Cecilia
Caresse sur l’océan
Jeux de mots: Elle elle l’a
The crotchet song
La música ¿para qué sirve?
A song for our ampelmann (by Sara)
a very famous pedestrian crossing

Die Familie

Las fiestas tradicionales

La ruta de hoy
El xiuxiueig de la claveguera

Xisco, Pep Toni and Guillem on “Old and New Shops”
Pilar, Lukas and Jhoanna power point presentation on old shops
Laura on Katherine
Jilin on Alba and on the Lion’s cage
Sara on Simona and on the Circus
Philline on Ariadna and on Modern Times
Pep Toni and Guillem on Sonia and Alicia. Film Summary and assessment
Andreu and Tatiana
Ariadna and Philline
Teachers: Alba and Andreu. Students: Jilin, Tatiana and Judit
Nadir and Pep Coca. Comments from 4ESOB teachers for a day
Good job!
Here you will find today’s new teachers’ names, the way to organise groups and the things you have to do during and after the lesson.
Would you like to find out Top Secret information….?

Excursió al Port des Canonge
Google Maps en modo Street View
Visita a Es Baluard (13 noviembre 2009)
Antoni Gelabert y Joaquín Sorolla
Del Instituto a la Façana Marítima
Chaplin a Caixafòrum

Latest news from Portland, Molly’s city
Another pedestrian crossing, this time a portable one.
Días perdidos
Class representative elections
El catalán es el octavo idioma del mundo con mayor actividad en los blogs
Palma en bicicleta

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