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Some images and questions to view and review what we did last Friday

You must answer the questions of this  power point  (slide share presentation) for Tuesday. Write the number of the slide and the answers. There’s no need to copy the question.

Congratulations for behaving so well last Friday! I see from your comments that you had a good time and learnt a lot of things, I did so too.  Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a good time too.

Do not forget the dossier, the snack and something to drink.

See you tomorrow


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From wall to wall

You are doing pretty well on your wall investigation.

Walls do not necessarily divide….

Sometimes they are used to express yourself. In Facebook, people write comments on people’s walls, don’t they?

Emili uploaded some very interesting videos that made you think about animals from a different perspective


I found this painting on a wall. It fits quite well with Emili’s videos  and made me  think  about graffiti


Graffiti is associated with urban culture and city life, and we are city explorers, aren’t we?

Something to think about over the weekend. On Monday you must have some answers for these questions. Write them in your notebook and post them to the blog.

Many people feel graffiti = vandalism

  1. Do you agree?
  2. What is your opinion on this topic?
  3. Do graffiti always damage buildings?
  4. Is graffiti a way to express urban culture?
  5. Is graffiti a form of art?
  6. Do graffiti destroy and damage the image of a city?

If you are interested in finding out different answers follow this link:


lots of issues to think about

should  female icons be present in traffic signs?

Graffiti= Vandalism?

Take some time over the weekend to think about it and continue your barber shop hunt

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