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2.en.22. The Oscars are approaching! writing about films (3)

I’ve seen you acting up in a you tube video during your Spanish lessons with Emili and next Monday Bernat has invited me to see you acting the  sketches you have prepared about  language families in your Catalan lesson. We also gave it a try in English with “The love of the 3 oranges”, so who knows, maybe in the future you will be nominated for the  Oscars.

This term we have learnt a lot about films and about how to write a film review. The Oscars are approaching and we shouldn’t  forget what we learnt, so let’s get some practice.  Have a look at this model and do the exercise in your notebook.

Homework deadline:  It must be finished for Tuesday 16th.

Let’s get some practice as film reviewers before the Oscar ceremony! Go to the official Oscar site: and look for information to write about the 2010 nominees as best leading actors or actresses.Write about movies following this model below:

Title of the film” is a (genre) starring (actor/actress). He/she plays a (character) brief explanation of his part.

Look at the example I have done for you

“Up in the air” is a drama starring George Clooney. He plays Ryan Bingham, a man who makes a living firing people.

Write  in your notebook 6 examples as the one above.

Who do you think will win?

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