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Use the Internet to do your homework: check before answering

I’m checking your answers to the skyscraper post and I notice that you just copy the answer of the person who posted it before you. When the answer is wrong, it shows that you did not do your homework carefully. Check the Internet when you do not know or when you are not sure. There is no excuse!   Type on Google  “Empire State”, click on images, and you will see that the  Empire State is not the skyscraper that appears in the blog.

I’ll give you a hint

the skyscraper that appears in the blog was the highest building in the world only for a year, then the Empire State was built. So, they are from the same period but the Empire State is a bit “younger”

Another hint:

I’m afraid you’ve missed it. This is not the Empire State!


This mysterious building is an example of art-deco style and it has  77 stories and  is 1,048 ft (319 m) tall.

It is decorated with eagle heads, pineapples, and automobile-related designs.

At the top there is  a slim 185-ft (56-m) stainless spire.

What’s the name of the building?

Correct your post 69 homework


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Latest news from Santander and some questions for you



Hello everyone!

As promised, some news from the North. Yesterday, while you were learning about Google earth with Emili, I was flying over your heads.  When I arrived in Santander it was not pouring rain but sunny and very  windy. The beautiful beach of El Sardinero was low tide and empty; we could only see a few surf gliders enjoying  the heavy wind.

I’m learning a lot of things about other schools with European Sections and I want you to learn new things too. Some questions for you to think about. Look at the photographs and investigate a bit. Then, post the answers to the blog.

  • We use compass points for orientation. Is El Sardinero  West or East of the city of Santander? Use Google maps and write the answer in your notebook. Let’s see who is the first one to post the answer to the blog.
  • We are comparing old shops and buildings to new ones. Have you started looking for old barbers shops in Palma? In Santander I haven’t seen any so far but there is an old Casino. How old is it? Does it look similar to the Casino in Palma?
  • Is the beach in the photo low tide or high tide? I’ll try to take some other shots, so you can see the difference. In the Mediterranean there are not  not noticeable tides. but in Santander the differences are noticeable. Why?

I have to go now, study for your exam tomorrow and enjoy the walk around Palma with Bernat. Send me some news. I’ll send you more pictures too.

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