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2.en.31 “English tea”, “Moroccan mint tea”, outing, homework and music for the weekend

Hello everyone, after a long, long, long  break,  here I am again! back to my post writing habits and catching up with outings.

This year we set off with an outing to La Caixa and we keep on going back again and again. In fact, what we are trying to do is to open our eyes and our minds and look attentively around us. I’m sure that whenever you think of British people the word “tea” comes to your mind, doesn’t it?

In fact, it is true that  a cup of tea is a British tradition, and many people cannot think of Britain without thinking of tea but it is also true that,  as we  learnt yesterday at La Caixa,  tea drinking is also a ritual associated with cultures other than English.

First we’ll listen and watch a song by Paul McCartney which describes the perfect scenario for a British tea.

HOMEWORK . Task 1: Check the following words in the dictionary before watching the video and then fill in the gaps (there are ten words missing and some are repeated). I have made a collage with the key images to help you learn the words.

me willow tea be chime hollyhocks roses garden cakes croquet time

Copy the lyrics in your notebook and the new words you learnt.

Would you care to sit with _____ (1)
For a cup of English _____(2)
Very twee, very me
Any sunny morning

What a pleasure it would _____(3)
Chatting so delightfully
Nanny bakes fairy _____(4)
Every Sunday morning

Miles and miles of English garden, stretching past the _____(5) tree
Lines of _____(6)and _____(7), listen most attentively

Do you know the game _____(8)
Peradventure we might play
Very gay, hip hooray
Any sunny morning

Miles and miles of English garden, stretching past the _____ (5) tree
Lines of _____(6) and _____(7), listen most attentively

As a rule the church bells _____(9)
When it’s almost supper _____ (10)
Nanny bakes fairy _____(4)
On a Sunday morning

Now is time to change scenario. Let’s move south…

Let’s move to   THE MAGHREB.  First Read this text about  the Maghreb and   locate  the countries  on the map

The Maghreb or Maghrib is the name given on geography and history to the northern part of Africa. The Arabic word maghreb means “place where the sun sets”, i.e. The west, in opposition to mashriq “place where the sun rises”, i.e. The east. The Maghreb comprises the political units of Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania. To the north, the region is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, and to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, running from the Straits of Gibraltar southwestwards to the deserts of Mauritania. The eastern most accepted boundary is  Egypt.

The concert we went to yesterday aimed at  showing some examples of music from this part of the world. It also tried to emphasize how  people from different cultures use music and traditions, such as tea drinking,  to establish links and to communicate with others.

In this video, Alia, will show you how to make a delicious Moroccan mint tea.

HOMEWORK. task 2:  watch  the video and summarize the steps and the necessary ingredients and equipment to make a good tea.Write the results in your notebook.

HOMEWORK . task 3: Now watch another video with subtitles in French, Arabic and English also showing how to make a mint tea.

Are there any differences compared with the tea prepared by Alia.

Here follows a collage with some images from yesterday’s outing. You will also find some of the instruments the musicians used during the concert.

Can you match them with their names?

Which instrument is missing in the small photos that was played by the director of the group?

You might need to do some internet research in order to answer this question.

These were the musicians we saw. This way you might find it easier to match the instruments with their names:

Hamed Soulimane, violin, karkabas  and vocals

Mohamed Ayoub:  vocals and  ud

Aziz Khodari: darbuka, daf, riq and  bendir

Said Elhrizi:  drum, karkabas and guembri

Joan Rectoret: electric bass

Lluís Pinyot: banjo

Did you like the concert?

Did you have a good time?

Who will be responsible for watering the plant we were given as a present?

HOMEWORK . task 4: Finally check this on line exercise to see if you know how to make a mint tea ?

There are 10 steps, and you only need to decide what the correct order is

Some music for the weekend: a Tarara version by Camarón and a performance of the musicians you saw at La Caixa in Barcelona, Orquestra Arab  de Barcelona with Omar Sosa.  Enjoy!

Homework deadline  Tuesday 9th March

Post answers to task 3 to the blog. You can also comment on any other aspects of the outing you like. The rest of the tasks must be done in your notebook.

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