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2.en.14. Our work is never over. News from 1eso E bloggers from the gossip fairy

As you know, our work is never over, is not just a line from a song by Daft Punk, but something that is true; when learning a language, you never get to  know everything. I have visited your blogs over the weekend and I learnt a lot of things. So, here follows gossip about our bloggers and some questions for everyone. This is a gossip section in ENGLISH, so your answers must be in English.

  1. Aina is a GOB activist, she stands up for  environmental issues. What did they protest against?
  2. Sara loves dancing. I’ll ask her to do a demostration for us. What kind of dance did she post? Have you already voted in her survey section? I cannot do it, I’m a teacher.
  3. Gabriel makes a list of his favourite songs; amazingly some bands from the 70’s are among his favourites. I will follow his suggestions and use Daft Punk to teach you comparatives. What is the song in the first position of his ranking?
  4. Lukas is on his way to become our 1st ESO E “Gordie”, he announces he’ll write a story in his blog…  but has not started so far! What are the genres he suggests?
  5. Guillem, gives us instructions on how to become a Ninja! Nothing violent and rather humourous. Part of the training includes catching objects with chopsticks. Watch the video and let’s see if you can think of any other instructions?
  6. Claudia helps us to see a nice view of Palma without moving from home. Which part of Palma can you see?
  7. Xisco never forgets his training sessions. Which sport does he play?
  8. Judith is a technoaholic and keeps us informed of the latest gadgets. Which gadget is it?
  9. Tatiana is a bit behind on her  series “School Ties”. When was her last post?
  10. Jilin is interested in Astrology. What is the name of a huge planet with rings?
  11. Lovepreet and Miguel Angel know a lot about perfumes, can you guess why?
  12. Pep Toni’s blog is so full of interesting information that I do not know what to choose. Thanks to it, I learnt that there had been an earthquake in Palma. Did you notice it? I didn’t. I was fast asleep.

Here follows Gabriel’s suggestion. It’s great to learn how to compare things in English and to give orders too.

“Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”

Work It
Make It
Do It
Makes Us
More Than
Work is
Over [x2]

Work It Harder Make It Better
Do It Faster, Makes Us stronger
More Than Ever Hour After
Our Work Is Never Over

Homework: answer the 12 questions and post your answers to the blog.

Extra work on comparatives. If you are not sure about your ability to compare things, you can watch this video and do these on line exercises:

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2.en.13. Describing people (2) Some adjectives to describe personality

On Friday, Molly answered your questions about the film “Stand by me” and she helped us describe the four boys.

Here you can find some adjectives to describe the main characters’ personality in “Stand by me”

Gordie Chris Teddy










Tough (outside)






















For Monday, as homework, you must choose 1 character and 3 adjectives. Then you must look for evidence in the film to support your choice. Use the dictionary and look at the example below to help you.

In this link you can also find a lot of words  to describe personality listed in alphabetical order. It is like a dictionary to talk about character. You do not have to learn them, but they come with audio, so if you want, you can check how the adjectives are pronounced.

Gordie is creative. You can see it when he invents a story by the campfire.

Character’s description Evidence /scene

Gordie is creative During the night, at the campfire, he invents a story

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2.en.8. Stand, stood, stood and some idiomatic expressions with the verb to stand

Stand, stood, stood; Stand by; Stand for; Stand out; I can’t stand.

You all know what the verb to stand means, don’t you?  But I bet you do not know many of the idiomatic expressions with stand. Today we’ll learn a few. To begin with , let’s start with the title of the film.” Stand by me”

Stand by = apoyar, respaldar

“Stand by me” has been translated as “Cuenta conmigo”, but it also could have been translated as “Apóyame”, “Respáldame”

The opposite Let someone downdejar en la estacada, fallar, no apoyar y dejar tirado a alguien.

Stand out = destacar, sobresalir

Stand for= defender, abogar

Stand for= significar, representar

  • Basketball players stand out in the crowd, they are usually so tall!
  • Stand for your rights, don’t let bullies frighten you.
  • What does UFO stand for?

There’s a very common expression with stand, “I can’t stand”= I strongly dislike, I hate

I’ll give you three examples of somethings I cannot stand:

I can’t stand bullies and violent people

I can’t stand people who are whining all the time

I can’t stand lying on the beach for hours

I can’t stand Reggaeton

I can’t stand crazy driving and the sound of motorbikes speeding up in the city

What about you?

Homework : Write 5 things you can’t stand and post them to the blog.

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2.en.2. Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind. Shine, shone, shone./ʃaɪn//ʃoʊn//ʃoʊn/

Aesop’s Fables: the sun and the wind.

Characters: Wind (magenta); Sun (orange); Man (black); Narrator (blue)

The sun and the wind were talking one day and the wind said :

– I bet I am stronger than you!

And the sun said:

– Oh yea? how are you going to prove it?

And the wind said:

Let’s have a contest. You see that man down there? We’ll have a race. Whoever can make him take his coat off first, that shall be the winner

And the sun said:

All right. We can do that and you go first

So the wind started to blow and blow and blow.And the man said:

-It’s getting colder. I have to button up my coat

And the wind saw that the man was buttoning up his coat and blew harder and harder and blew the man hat’s up. And the man said:

-It’s getting colder and colder. I’ll have to button up my coat even further

The wind blew the hardest he could. And the man said:

-Oh, I’m freezing. I’m going to buttom up my coat all the way and put my hands on my pockets

And then the wind said:

-I give up. Nobody can get his coat off. You go ahead you try

And the sun said

-All right, I will.

And the sun came up from behind the clouds and shone down on the man.And the man said:

-Oh, I’m feeling warmer. How nice is getting now.

and the sun shone even brighter and warmer on the man

and the man said:

-Oh it’s so nice I’m going to unbutton my coat

and the sun shone the brightest he’d ever had and the warmest he’d ever had.

And the man said:

-I feel so warm and wanderful I’m going to take my coat off, I’m even going to go for a walk on the beach

and the wind said:

-How did you do that? I tried everything and couldn’t get him to to take it off.

– That’s because you tried to force him to take it off. I was nice and asked him to.

And the moral is :

“Be gentle and kind and good things you will find “

First, listen to the video. Then,  choose a character and practice reading its part aloud.

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Ode for St. Cecilia’s Day. Handel music and English words to celebrate the patron saint of musicians

The Cantata was composed by Handel in 1739 and the words are form the English poet John Dryden.

Can you follow the words… it is not very difficult.

There are two instruments mentioned in this part of the cantata.

  • Which instruments are they?
  • What are the adjectives the poet uses to describe them?
  • The trumpet‘s loud clangour

    Excites us to arms,

    With shrill notes of anger,

    And mortal alarms.

    The double double double beat

    Of the thundering drum

    Cries Hark! the foes come;

    Charge, charge, ’tis too late to retreat!

    Notice the pronunciation of this sound:

    charge /tʃ/


  • Do you like this kind of music?
  • Can you think of a building in Palma built at the time this cantata was composed?
  • Ask your History teacher.

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    Make interesting, brainy comments on the blog: unpack your adjectives

    All the language teachers in the blog want to help you ….

    make clever comments. No more dull, childish comments, Please!

    In order to make smashing comments, you need to put more adjectives in your bag and unpack them .

    Watch this video and choose 5 new adjectives. Then, try to use them. Some will be very helpful when you need to describe our walk next Monday. Remember, if you sing along, you’ll memorize words  easily. Give it a try,  start in the shower if you are too shy, Pep Toni is looking for volunteers for a class choir.

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    Scary stories and English Halloween homework

    On Friday the 30th, Molly told you a scary Halloween story and you made very good drawings to summarize the action, like a storyboard. I’ll try to upload some of them over the long weekend ahead.

    Emili has also uploaded some videos that are connected with this tradition and some homework for your Spanish lessons.

    Now, it is time for  your English Halloween homework .

    I found  this Power Point about Halloween. There are 14 slides. Have a look at them  and answer the multiple choice questions you will find in slides 8,9,10,11 and 12 .  In the last slide,13, there is a link to a very good page with on-line activities on Halloween. If you find any you really like, post a comment for your classmates to know.

    You must answer the 5 questions  (slides 8,9,10,11 and 12 ) , the rest of the activities are optional. As usual, post the answers. There is no need to repeat the same comments on the blog, but you must copy the answers in your notebook.

    I know that some of you are a bit lazy, so I include the link to the on-line activities here, in case you feel too tired to get to the last slide, slide 13, or … in case you are superstitious and  you do not want to use any links that appear on page 13.

    These activities were done by an English Primary teacher from Tarragona, Isabel Hidalgo.  Castígate wants to thank her for her good job!

    Enjoy the weekend.


    Remember you must finish your Power Point presentation on Old and New barbers and business for Tuesday. You can send them to me when you finish them.

    As agreed in class I will start numbering the posts to help you keep  track .

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    Halloween, Molly’s blog and sick pumpkins

    You have already visited Molly’s blog and saw those beautiful pumpkins. I visited the pumpkin patch again and discovered that the pumkins had eaten Western Spaghetti, the recipe  from the post below, and were feeling really sick!!sickpumpkin_in_patch

    Visit Molly’s blog…… and find out

    Halloween is approaching… and it’s spooky

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    Chaplin’s spaghetti…. some years after

    In the Gold Rush Chaplin was so hungry he had to cook his old boots and eat his shoe laces as spaghetti. Many years after, let’s hear your opinion on this new recipe.

    What are the ingredients?

    Do you like the video?


    28th October

    Congratulations to all the people who have posted comments to  the spaghetti recipe.

    Your comments are getting better. You do not repeat “great” “fun” all the time. You are learning to express why you like something.

    I would like to have a tree like this….

    It’s imaginative

    It’s original

    Good dictionary work too;it shows in your list of ingredients.  However, nobody has found what the tomatoes are made from… let’s see if you surprise me.

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    Rudy, Rodrigo, basket, rap, English and blind dates


    I’m not very sporty, so it was thanks to your questions to Molly and to Guillem and Rodrigo’s comments on the blog that I discovered Rudy Fernández,  the famous Majorcan basketball player who is currently playing with Portland Trail Blazers .

    Maybe in a few years Rodrigo will be playing in the NBA too, who knows? Judging from the photo he published yesterday in this blog, it certainly might happen.

    In the meantime, let’s see if we learn a bit more abour this excellent player.

    Complete this fact file.  Let’s see who is the first one to post the correct answers to the blog.  The rest can just copy the answers in the notebooks, but you can also contribute to the blog with new findings about Rudy.

    1. In Majorca there is a sportscentre that bears his name. Do you know where?
    2. Date of birth:
    3. School in Palma:
    4. When did he leave Palma?
    5. When did he move to the USA?
    6. What are his parents’ jobs:
    7. Has he got any brothers or sisters?
    8. Teams he played with:
    9. Height and Weight:
    10. How long has he been in Portland?
    11. Which position does he play in?
    12. How old do you think he was in the small photo on the right?

    To make your task easier, I have found some videos in you tube:

    The fisrt one is a song with some Spanglish and slang asking vor votes. Xilin and Judith did not need one for their campaign! I  have included the lyrics. Can recognize any slang words Molly taught us the other day?

    Blazers up in here tonight

    Fan voton’ (we got the Spaniard up in here)

    Fan voton’

    Fan voton’

    España España

    I never knew a dude that could dunk like this

    Make a fan wanna vote Spanish

    Como se llama? Si! Su Rudy! Si! Mi dunka

    España españa (Me vota)

    Oooh Rudy when you dunk like that

    You make Superman look bad

    Rapid Roy and Carpool

    And you took a drive down to Phoenix


    Oooh you think it’s right

    You know that ball don’t lie

    That’s why they call him the Spanish flight

    The elevation, like a spaceman

    Suddenly I’m a fellow immigration

    Sergio he can see you – don’t stop movin’

    And you’re cutting it baseline

    Real soon – you dudes will be alley oopin’ – In the same suerte

    ‘Cause you move it like a matador

    Nobody can let it go, and you will get a perfect score

    No way, you and serge connected – the world must respect it

    And say the trailblazers wrecked it

    I never knew a dude that could dunk like this

    Make a fan wanna vote Spanish

    Como se llama? Si! Su Rudy! Si! Mi dunka

    España españa (Me vota)

    Oooh Rudy when you dunk like that

    You make Superman look bad

    Rapid Roy and Carpool

    And you took a drive down to Phoenix…

    In the second one, Rudy sings and speaks in English. I think he could teach us how to play basket and Daryl, Sara, Marta, Tatiana…. well most of you helped by Paquita, your music teacher, could teach him how to sing and play some music . He also needs some English pronunciation practice, don’t you think? I’m sure Molly would do a great job, and who knows… it might end up …. well you tell me.

    12065669501260557625Anonymous_light_bulb.svg.medI’ve got it!  we must try to arrange a blind date for them!

    Enjoy the  rest of the weekend

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