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3.en.8. Dossier for the outing. Interviewing. A famous food market in Barcelona

This morning everyone got a dossier as a guide line for the tasks you will have to do during the outing to el Olivar.

In Catalan and in Spanish you will have to interview shop owners and customers. The dossier includes the necessary language to do the interviews in English too.

Could you interview  an English speaking person?

Interview a shop/ stall owner/ worker

Type of stall:                                                                        Name of the person:

  1. How long have you been at this market?
  2. Have you ever had a famous customer?
  3. What type of people are your regular customers?
  4. Have you noticed the crisis?
  5. What would you tell people to make them come here to do their shopping instead of going to big malls?

Interview a customer

1)     Profile: age, nationality, family, job,

2)     Frequency: (How often does he/she shop at the Olivar)

3)     Money spent on shopping:

4)     transport(car, walking, bus, other)

5)     Opinion ( prices, variety, quality)

6)     Recommendations (favourite products and stalls)

7)     Other questions:

Now, have a look at this video of a famous food market in Barcelona. Let’s see how  much you understand

  1. What is the name of the market?
  2. howmany neighborhood markets are there in Barcelona?
  3. How old is the market?
  4. What’s the origin of the name?
  5. How many stalls are there?
  6. What are the displays like?
  7. what are Spanish onions like?
  8. what is the closest to Spanish ham?
  9. Spain is the largest producer of…?
  10. what are the ingredients of chorizo?
  11. which food is hotter Mexican or Spanish?
  12. What do they drink at the end of their visit to the market?

Post your answers to the blog.

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