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2.en.23. Pronunciation. Homographs (row, wind, live, do)

The other day we learnt what HOMOGRAPHS meant. Do you remember. Check the pronunciation of the following pairs and write them in your notebook.


  • /ˈduː/, /də/ (v) What do you think you are doing?
  • /ˈdoʊ/ (n) To warm-up, the singer sang the scale from do.


  • /ˈlɪv/ (v) I don’t need you to determine whether I live or die.
  • /ˈlaɪv/ (a) I went to see James Brown live in concert.


  • /ˈraʊ/ (n) The two brothers had an awful row .
  • /ˈroʊ/ (n) There are 6 rows of desks in our class.


  • /ˈwaɪnd/ (v) Its one of those wind up toys
  • /ˈwɪnd/ (n) The wind blew from the northeast.

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