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2.en.24. Pronunciation: Homophones and jokes

In post 2.en.22 we looked at HOMOGRAPHS, now it is time to look at HOMOPHONES.

Words that are pronounced the same but are written differently . They are fun to learn and a good way to start playing  with words. Let’s see if you can make a good joke with some of the following.

maize /maze

mail/ male

beach /beech

none /nun


pea/ pee


Look for the words you do not know and use images to help you remember them. It’s good to memorize words in pairs. Strange associations make it easier too.

I found this one for you it plays with two words Peace and Peas

Do you like playing with words?

Can you think of any other?

Can you make up a joke playing with words?

As usual, post your answers to the blog.

Deadline to post comments : Friday the 19th

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